Phuket town

Phuket Town

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History, nature and temples

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A little confusingly, the capital of Phuket is Phuket Town. However, this does not refer to the island itself but rather a distinct area within it. And, as you might imagine from a town quite literally bearing the same name of its province, Phuket Town contains so much of what makes this island great as a whole.

It has excellent attractions – from the historical, like the iconic Old Phuket area and Phuket Cultural Museum, to stunning natural beauty, such as its Garden and Insect World. Of course, alongside all that, there’s spas, restaurants, ideal sailing conditions, world-class golfing activities and much more. However, it remains pleasantly low key in terms of commercialisation, making for a wonderfully authentic experience.

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Top Attractions in Phuket Town

  • Put Jaw Temples
  • Phuket Cultural Museum
  • Phuket Cultural Centre
  • Phuket Golf
  • Elite Yachting Phuket Thailand

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