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Our authors on Expedia Singapore’s Travel Blog, come from a variety of backgrounds, with different travel styles and interests. Hear from passionate travellers on the road, industry experts, experienced travel bloggers, our resident Expedia team and more travel writers in Asia. We even team up with interesting guest writers occasionally who have great travel stories to share. Journey with our authors to their favourite destinations, share in their experiences from the bizarre to the spectacular, and learn how to make the most of your trips.

Take a peek at the right column to get to know a little more about our travellers and editorial team. What’s their favourite trip? What’s the strangest thing to happen to them? Visit the ‘Meet Our Authors’ series to find out.

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Travel Writers Our Pen-Wielding Adventurers
Rebecca Wurd
Rebecca Wurd Editor

About Rebecca

Creative soul. Writer. Traveller. Rebecca is the Travel Editor of this blog and several others in Asia that she runs for Expedia.

Rebecca is local -- yes, never bluff lah. After graduating from NUS, she had a big adventure backpacking solo in New Zealand. She remains infinitely curious about the world. When not answering questions about her mixed background or the (apparently) endless wonders of curly hair, she enjoys going out to experience new places, learning new ways to see from citizens of the world and soaking in the beauty/nightmares of travel with random spontaneity or just chillin' like a villain (but, like, a really nice villain).

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Stephanie Ong
Stephanie Ong

About Stephanie

Stephanie Ong is a writer/editor, city explorer and design enthusiast, who loves to create whether it be with words or objects.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, she has since lived in Barcelona, London and is now based in Milan, Italy, which she loves for its coffee and slower pace of life.

She has written travel pieces for Lonely Planet, Le Cool Publishing and Red Milk Magazine. She believes in travel and always being curious about the world.
Travel Writer - Karen Tee
Karen Tee Adventure Junkie

About Karen

Former Straits Times journalist, Karen left her full-time job to become a freelance writer so that she could pursue her other passion in life - yoga.

She currently spends her days researching and writing travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles, teaching yoga, and sipping flat whites at cafes while planning her next trip.
Travel Blogger Veera
Veera Official Travel Blogger

About Veera

Veera Bianca is a passionate travel professional, with an endless urge to roam the globe. She is a travel blogger who has spent most of her adventures wandering around Asia, which lead to the fancy title The Best Asia Blogger in Finland. Yes, Veera is originally from the cold north and is currently based there.

Whenever on the road, she loves to explore the local street kitchens and sleep in quirky luxury hotels.

Follow more of Veera’s adventures on her blog:
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Shawn Low
Shawn Low

About Shawn

Shawn’s friends reckon that he’s got the “best job in the world” – travelling the world, writing for Lonely Planet (and other publications). He agrees.

When not writing, Shawn ocassionally dabbles in TV and has hosted a China episode of National Geographic & Lonely Planet’s Roads Less Travelled.
Travel Writer Amy McPherson
Amy McPherson

About Amy

Amy McPherson is a blogger and freelance writer currently based in London, UK. She is a corporate slave who is a travel junkie at heart.

Thanks to public holidays and annual leave allowances, she never passes up an opportunity to get out of the house, and only wishes she lived closer to the airport.

She studied in Germany, met her husband while doing volunteering work in Peru and got married in Vanuatu. They have no plans to stop travelling yet, though their cats keep complaining about their frequent absences.
Liz Durnan
Liz Durnan

About Liz

From Liverpool to London, New York to Sydney, Liz has lived in major world cities until a tree change to the Australian bush.

She loves writing about her travels, from camping and adventure in the outback, to lounging in luxurious resorts.
"Traveling - It leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller"
Sarah Billington
Sarah Billington

About Sarah

Sarah Billington is an author, blogger, pop culture junkie and animal lover with a perpetual travel bug. Watch out world, the travel bug is contagious and she's not afraid to spread it.

You can find random musings and funny animal videos by following her on Twitter @SarahBillington.

Expedia compensates official Expedia travel authors for their writings appearing on this site, and such compensation may include travel and other costs.


Contributors & Guest Writers
Contributors & Guest Writers
Kasey Clark
Kasey Clark The Hungry Expat

About Kasey

Kasey Clark is the founder and editor of The Hungry Expat, an editorial-services business with an associated food, wine, and travel blog. She spent 18 years as a magazine editor, has freelanced for many years, and also works as a content strategist and senior editor. When she’s not blogging, editing or strategising content, she enjoys dining out, travelling, and spending time with her husband and Shih Tzu.
Nick Measures
Nick Measures Beer & Food Dude

About Nick

Originally from the UK, Nick has spent the last ten years living and travelling in South East Asia where he has worked for numerous magazines, newspapers and websites as an editor and writer, covering everything from food to football and music to movies. Happiest rummaging through a box of vinyl, discovering a deserted beach or sampling some street food with a beer in hand, he hasn’t lost his incurable desire to find out what’s just around the corner.
Expedia Globetrotters
Expedia Globetrotters

About Expedia Globetrotters

At Expedia, we are travellers ourselves. Think of this as our Travellers Anonymous meeting, where we confess about all the countries we've been, crazy things we've done, exotic foods we've tried... and blurt all the guilty details about our travels so you feel our addiction and experience it like you are right there with us. Get inside tips from our travel experts who are in committed relationships with airplanes; from our global locals living in different parts of the world who offer you insider perspectives and genuine local tips; and from our curious discoverers who venture a little further off the beaten track.
Eva Sogbanmu
Eva Sogbanmu Mommy traveller

About Eva

Eva has lived on four continents and now calls Singapore home. Despite having travelled extensively, she remains one of the world’s worst packers. She recently went on a beach holiday without a swimsuit (it was not a naturist resort).
Aarika Lee
Aarika Lee Singapore Musician & Mommy

About Aarika

Aarika Lee is a Musician, Copywriter and Mom to (almost) two, whose penchant for sending postcards to her friends and family from her travels leaves her constantly on the lookout for getaways and new adventure. Her first love is documenting on film.

About Mikolai

Mikolai likes hanging out in hotel bars drinking Manhattans. Since that is not a ‘proper’ job, he supplements it with copywriting, digital marketing, and obscure publishing ventures. Originally from Australia, he spent the last few years living and working in the Gulf, where he developed an appreciation for the finer things in life, and the merits of a good concierge. His work has appeared in various international magazine including Vice, Playboy, and Rolling Stone.
Shanice Koh
Shanice Koh Fashion Blogger

About Shanice

Shanice is a designer-writer with a serious case of wanderlust. She loves photography, flowers, books, indie music and good design. A huge nostalgia lover, she has a penchant for aesthetics inspired by the 50s and 60s and enjoys taking pictures with her analog camera in her free time.