Ready for a vacation? Read about the best destinations for June. Get on a flight and go explore!

Trip Planner: Where to travel and when’s the best time to go?

Here’s our top picks of where to go in June for enjoyable holidays. Go where the weather is great and fun events are happening in June. Read on to find out what makes these destinations the best places to travel this month.

Soak Up the Sun in Kuantan, Malaysia

Great For: Beach Activities, Tropical, Wildlife 

 cherating-beach-kuantanTourism Malaysia

The beaches are where it’s at in Kuantan in June. Opportunities abound for wind-surfing, boating, kayaking or simply beach-combing.

Head to Teluk Cempedak, which has not one but two beaches connected by a boardwalk built over rocks and boulders. Snap some photos of the monkeys, but don’t get too close. Visit the unusual black stone beach called Pantai Batu Hitam. Just make sure to bring sandals, as those stones get hot!

If animals are your deal, visit Taman Teruntum. Located right next to this beach is the Mini Zoo, filled with a variety of wildlife. If you’d rather see turtles in their natural habitat, head to Cherating, which is a turtle sanctuary and where they come to lay their eggs in June. Try to combine it with a sunrise over the beach, a breathtaking way to start your day.


Weather in Kuantan

The Weather in Kuantan in May

Average Temperature: 22°C–31°C

What to Pack: Pack your swimsuit!

Let’s go!

How to Get There: Malaysia Airlines offers flights to Kuantan (KUA) with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

Average Flight Time: At just over an hour, this is an easy holiday destination.

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Laid-back Vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great For: Shopping, Sunshine, Short Trip from Singapore



This more easy-going and student-filled Thai city makes for a lovely vacation. Interspersed with waterways, it’s a good idea to take a boat trip on the Ping River to get a feel for the city. The old town is also surrounded by a well-maintained moat.

Once you’re off the water, enjoy a jaunt around the walkable old town (more adventurous tourists can rent a bike) to visit the many temples. Make sure you see the fantastic Wat Phra Singh, containing murals, Buddha images, mosaics, and more.

A highlight is Viharn Lai Kam – a wooden construction of Lanna architecture. Its double arch between the central columns are said to represent Buddha’s eyebrows. After 5pm, check out the night bazaar for shopping deals and pick up authentic Thai crafts to bring home as gifts.

In early June, join locals in the worship of the city pillar during the Inthakin Festival. The temple of Wat Chedi Luang, the present site of the city pillar, is lit up and has flower offerings which are said to protect the city.


Weather in Chiang Mai

The Weather in Chiang Mai, Thailand in June

Average Temperature: 24°C–33°C

Season: June is transition time, with some rainfall cooling the city off.

What to Pack: Lightweight clothing and an umbrella.

Let’s go!

How to Get There: Direct flights arrive at Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) with SilkAir and Tigerair.

Average Flight Time: It’s a quick international trip of about 3 hours.

Where to Stay

Rachamankha’s gorgeous garden can’t be beat.

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Artistic Lap of Luxury in London, UK

Great For: Museums, Food, Kids Activities, City Breaks, Famous Sights


Visit London

A June vacation to London is one of the best bets you can make, weather-wise, on this usually rainy city. Summer will have started, making for pleasant jaunts along the Thames to the plethora of museums.

Don’t miss the Tate Modern, Britain’s national gallery of international modern and contemporary art. The giant hall will leave you breathless. Best to go during the week, as weekends can get busy.

Another must-see is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of decorative arts and design. Contemporary mingles with the historic here in an interesting juxtaposition. Take your time absorbing the beauty; it will leave you giddy.

Vacation also means relaxing, so need a moment to replenish your energy after all the art? Instead of opting for the traditional tea and scones, take advantage of London’s international food scene. Vietnamese pho, Indian delicacies, French pastries, American burgers and Italian pizzas (all authentic) are easy to find in this city which so many immigrants call home.


Weather in London

The Weather in London in June

Average Temperature: 13°C–21°C

Season: Summer

What to Pack: It’s still cool at an average of 16°C, so pack a windbreaker.

Let’s go!
Where to Stay

The fancy Grand at Trafalgar Square is a gorgeous spot.

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Hang out in Hyderabad, India

Great For: Temples, Museums, Historical Architecture, Spiritual Sites



June is a divine time to visit Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana in Southern India. Filled to the brim with gorgeous temples, mosques and museums, there is no shortage of sights to see.

Start with Birla Mandir, one of the best marble temples in all of India. Get there early, as you’ll have to remove your shoes and don’t want to burn your toes as you walk around marvelling at the carvings on the walls and dome.

After a temple, why not a mosque? Mecca Masjid is one of the biggest in the world. Named for the red clay bricks from Mecca embedded in its walls, it is a particularly beautiful construction. Large enough to hold 10,000 people, plan a fair amount of time to see it all.

If you need a break from the urban beat, try the Golonda Fort, one of the great medieval fortresses in India. Inside the walls (which measure 10 kilometres!), you’ll step back in history and see the Brahmin way of life in the early 12th century.


Weather in Hyderabad

The Weather in Hyderabad in June

Average Temperature: 25°C–35°C

Season: June is at the end of the dry season, but be prepared for a little rain

What to Pack: Lightweight and light-coloured clothing along with some sun block.

Let’s go!

How to Get There: From Singapore to Hyderabad (HYD), fly with Tigerair or SilkAir.

Average Flight Time: Direct flights in under 5 hours

Where to Stay

The Taj Deccan is lovely and is in the centre of town.

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Pampering and Shopping, Moroccan-style in Marrakesh

Great For: Shopping, Romance, Moroccan mystique


Step into another world with a romantic visit to Marrakesh. The third largest city in Morocco, it’s situated between the Sahara Desert and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The colours, scents and scenery are a feast for the senses.

During the day, meander through the open-air bazaars, called souks, in the Medina. They sell everything from spices to lanterns, so leave extra space in your luggage. In the evening, the heart of the Medina is the setting for a variety of entertainment. Musicians, dancers, snake-charmers and peddlers descend on the square of Djemaa el Fna.

If all this movement leaves your head spinning, choose to stay in a riad. These renovated hotels used to be typical Moroccan houses with internal courtyards, providing an oasis of calm. You could also opt for a Hammam experience, the Moroccan spa and massage, to replenish your energy.  For a special treat, reserve a private room for a couple.


Weather in Marrakesh

The Weather in Marrakesh in June

Average Temperature: 19°C–35°C

Season: Summer

What to Pack: Dry heat is the name of the game in Marrakesh in June, so put on a hat to protect you from the heat.

Let’s go!

How to Get There: Qatar Airways flies to Marrakesh (RAK), with two stopovers required in Doha and Casablanca.

Average Flight Time: Bring your pillow, as it takes almost a full day to get there.

Where to Stay

Step back in time at the Riad Hannah.

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