There are so many vacation locations to discover! Use this list to find some great places to travel for a holiday in August.


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Here’s our top picks of where to go in August for enjoyable holidays. Go where the weather is great and fun events are happening in August. Read on to find out what makes these destinations the best places to travel this month.

Shop ’til You Drop in Bandung, Indonesia

Great for: City breaks, Cheap shopping, Architecture


This Indonesian city is where it’s at. The capital of West Java province is ideal in August, with dry temperatures that are cooler than most Indonesian cities. Bustling and full of people, you’ll feel like you’re in the centre of it all as you search for the best deals on vacation.


Fashion-forward folk will find one-of-a-kind, local wares. Make sure to stop on Cihampelas Walk, dubbed “jeans street”, for your denim fix. Local designers opened clothing stores here in the 1990s. Dago Street is another fun area with chic cafes and boutiques.

Architectural experimentation in the 1930s has given Bandung a unique look. It’s even home to the New Indies Style, or tropical Art Deco. The Dutch worked to combine colonial architecture with the local cultural traditions, resulting in harmonious yet surprising constructions.

After a lunch of traditional chicken satay, check out the building nicknamed for the same food: Gedung Sate. It’s a Neoclassical building with typical elements of Java, including a central pinnacle reminiscent of the local dish.

If you’ve had enough hustle and bustle, find some relaxing respite outside of the city at the Malabar Tea Plantations. Surround yourself in greenery and fresh air while you sip some of the most delicious tea in the world.


Weather in Bandung

The Weather in Bandung in August

Average Temperature: 20°C – 30°C

Season: August is the driest month in Bandung.

What to Pack: Comfy flats.

Let’s go!

How to Get There: Indonesia Air and SilkAir both have direct flights from Singapore to Bandung (BDO).

Average Flight Time: At under 2 hours, it’s a quick vacation getaway.

Where to Stay

The Novotel Bandung is a 4-star international hotel in the city centre.

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Stepping Out at the Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland

Great for: Culture, Nature, Castles, Festivals

August brings with it some of Scotland’s best weather, and a plethora of cultural opportunities too. The largest arts festival in the world descends upon the emerald city, bringing with it performances of every type: cabaret, comedy, children’s shows, street artists, exhibitions and everything in between.

Calton Hill Edinburgh

Take advantage of the favourable weather during the day to enjoy the outdoors. Nature lovers will be pleased to stretch their legs between shows as they hike up Arthur’s Seat, the main peak of the Scottish hills. It’s located right in the city centre and offers wonderful views of both the landscape and the city skyline.

Also not to miss is the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle. The pomp of kilts, bagpipes, drummers and fireworks will leave you breathless. Finish it up with a plate of haggis, or stuffed sheep’s stomach – the local specialty. It makes for an interesting photo or two.


Weather in Edinburgh

The Weather in Edinburgh, Scotland in August

Average Temperature: 11°C – 19°C

Season: Summer

What to Pack: August is one of the driest months of the year, but pack your raincoat – just in case!

Let’s go!
Where to Stay

Check out The George Hotel for a holiday getaway.

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Delight in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Great for: Mediterranean culture, Monasteries, Medieval Architecture, Game of Thrones locations


You can have it all in Croatia’s tourist capital. Dubrovnik has the best of both worlds with stunning seaside and gorgeous architecture. Churches, monasteries, museums and fountains are around every corner in this labyrinthine city on the sea.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A must-see is at the western entrance of the city: Big Onofrio’s Fountain isn’t just for water. Tourists take photos of this beautiful landmark as locals chat over cocktails.

Strip down to your swimsuit on the beaches or even the terraces overlooking the water just outside the city walls. Once you’ve had enough of the sun, tour this medieval walled city. You can even walk along the top of the walls around the city, getting gorgeous views from above. To see it from the water, book a spot on one of the boat tours.

Once the sun sets, the city cools off with events for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. There’s no better setting for a concert than the historic open-air venues under a dazzling moon.


Weather in Dubrovnik

The Weather in Dubrovnik in August

Average Temperature: 16°C – 28°C

Season: Hot, dry and sunny in August.

What to Pack: Bring sunscreen and a swimsuit.

Let’s go!

How to Get There: Turkish Airlines flies to Dubrovnik (DBV) with two stops in Istanbul and Zagreb.

Average Flight Time: The day-long trip will be well worth it with the sights to see, but grab a pillow so you can be well-rested upon arrival.

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Living the Good Life in George Town, Malaysia

Great for: Culture, Food, UNESCO sites, Short trip from Singapore


August is a busy month in George Town, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Penang. Both the George Town Festival and the country’s national day occur in August, and it gives tourists tons to do. The city is packed with performances, exhibitions and events.

Georgetown, Penang

The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is an architectural gem to explore. Built according to feng shui principles, it was the main residence of the man known as the “Rockefeller of the East”. Make sure to take photos in front of its striking blue façade.

After meandering along Armenian Street, a historical avenue in the heart of the UNESCO Heritage Zone, grab your camera and walk further about town. You will find public artworks of sculpted wrought iron depicting different caricatures. Try to find all 52, including the Japanese spies and a hapless tourist.

As George Town is the best place to eat in Penang, and Penang is the food capital of Malaysia, you really can’t go wrong. Restaurants are putting their best foot forward for the city’s annual festival and its visitors. Try a special spot on Gurney Drive before heading out on the town for one of August’s many performances.


Weather in Penang

The Weather in Penang in August

Average Temperature: 25°C – 30°C

August lands right before the wet season, but there are mostly quick showers cooling off the afternoons.

What to Pack: Bring along your rain slicker as there will be a chance of showers.

Let’s go!

How to Get There: AirAsia and Jetstar both fly to Penang (PEN).

Average Flight Time: This quick trip is easy at 80 minutes.

Where to Stay

The Blue Mansion is in the middle of it all.

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Summer Activities in San Francisco, USA

Great for: Summer fun, Active travellers, Foodies, Music


San Francisco is always a happening place, but summer brings with it an itch for more. The Bay Area is home to an international set, and they celebrate this with numerous food festivals throughout the month. Once your stomach has had its fill, get in a cultural and relaxing activity at the annual Japan Film Festival. Sitting down will feel good after traversing the city’s hilly terrain.

San Francisco Golden Gate

Take a famous cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf, and from here depart for a tour of Alcatraz, the infamous, abandoned island prison. You’re free to wander the island, but former inmates were not. Summer brings a couple of special events here: night tours of the creepy prison, or the more lighthearted Alcatraz Swim Challenge. Swimmers race from the island to the Golden Gate Bridge Park, finishing with a spectacular photo op.

Finish your day listening to music in the Haight-Ashbury district. This hippie hub is known for its relaxed vibe and intimate concerts.


Weather in San Francisco

The Weather in San Francisco, USA in August

Average Temperature: 14°C – 22°C

Season: Summer

What to Pack: Light layers, including a scarf for those ocean breezes.

Let’s go!

How to Get There: Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific operate flights into San Francisco (SFO) with only one stop.

Average Flight Time: Catch up on your movies during this 18-hour flight.

Where to Stay

The Queen Anne Hotel has typical San Fran architecture, so snap a photo!

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