If you’ve got itchy feet and a wandering mind, the fresh start of a new year is the best time to set out your travel goals and get the rhythm going. But where to go? What are the most fun things to do?

To help kickstart your travels pronto, we’ve put together a little list of great places to visit in 2015 that are near Singapore. These are pegged to be particularly hot travel destinations. Of course, there’s an endless list of wonderful places to explore around the world, but to help you avoid falling into the trap of excuses, we’ve picked a few that are closer to home that make it easier for you to spread your travel wings — sooner the better!



As it turns out, the best place to travel in 2015 is in our own backyard. This is according to global travel expert Lonely Planet, which has placed our country at the top of its ‘Best in Travel 2015’ list. So play tourist this year on Singapore’s Golden Jubilee of independence and rediscover all there is to love in this ever-changing country.

Staycations should top your list. No shortage of fancy hotels here! Next to that, get busy checking off all the (new) things to do in Singapore.

So we’ve got that covered, but we still want to take off somewhere different though don’t we…So, where to?

Seoul, South Korea


The South Korean capital is one of the hottest destinations for 2015. The recent rise of Korean pop culture (K-Pop, anyone?) has seen South Korea become one of the world’s hotspots for entertainment junkies, while the duty-free shopping means fashionistas and bargain-hunters alike will find plenty to entice them. If you are looking to save money, there is an abundance of new budget accommodation options to appeal to all travellers.

With a love of art and culture – and an identify as a UNESCO City of Design – Seoul will entice you with its playful nature and awe-inspiring buildings. The Dongdaemun Design Plaza is one such example, built to mimic the appearance of a silver spaceship and containing a design market, museum and restaurants inside.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art may will also entice you with its cutting-edge design and presentation of Korea’s cultural and historical monuments.



The Philippines consists of a whopping 7,100 islands and one of the most beautiful coastlines seen anywhere on Earth. Head here for a tropical paradise getaway complete with palm trees and thatched huts and relax as your worries float away.

Want more reason to head here? 2015 is the official Visit Philippines Year, and the government is celebrating by putting on shows and events to showcase the best of what’s on offer here. Your visit will likely be met with street parades, live concerts and food festivals, with a cabaret atmosphere following your every move.

Boracay, Palawan, Cebu and Siargo are some great places to see in Philippines.

Shanghai, China


Shanghai is one of the best value destinations for travel in the new year. The busy, bustling city is eternally vibrant and effortlessly affordable thanks to its range of budget-friendly accommodation options. Luxury lovers need not fear either. Shanghai has a pretty impressive range of boutique apartments and upmarket hotels for you to enjoy.

Indulge in street food and save your money for the city’s major attractions, such as visiting Shanghai Circus World or spending up large at the local shops. You can enjoy the buzzing atmosphere in Shanghai without much worry as the city is known to be a fairly safe one.



Macau is on the rise, reaping in six times more revenue from gaming than Las Vegas!

That doesn’t mean bright lights and gaming are the only things on offer here – the Chinese Special Administrative Region also boasts exquisite food drawing on a wide range of cultures. Blending the new with the old in stunning style, Macau features a UNESCO World Heritage old town, which is a must-see for architecture lovers.

There’s plenty for the thrill-seekers too, with a 233-metre-high Skywalk located at Macau Tower for you to walk around. Whatever you do, don’t leave Macau without sampling dishes such as Portuguese fried rice, African chicken and the Macanese egg tart.

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