You’re having tea in a hobbit hole, telling Frodo your tales of whale watching, glacier hiking and epic road trips past many a volcano. But… pics or it didn’t happen, amiright?

Posting your amazing selfie in exotic locations is a pretty integral part to any holiday these days. More importantly, Google Maps is a travellers best friend when you’re frequently exploring new corners of the globe. So having a chunk of data to use is very useful, and buying a local sim card when you land is a good way to avoid the huge shocker of a bill from data roaming charges.

There are of course other options, like a good roaming plan, or renting the internet device, or relying on your hotel WiFi or hunting down free WiFi spots in the city. But for all who prefer the reliability of a local SIM card, you get constant good connectivity and peace of mind that you have enough data to last the trip.

We’ve picked out some of the best sim cards to get when you travel in different cities. This one is for New Zealand.

What SIM Card to Buy in New Zealand

New Zealand

Best SIM: Skinny

Price: AUD $2/ SGD $2 empty SIM. Top up with credit.

Other popular Telcoms

Alternatives: Vodafone, Spark and 2degrees

Best place to buy: Order online and pick it up at any supermarket, stationery, electronic or other major chains

Trip 2-5 days 10 days >3GB
SIM Card Skinny Vodafone Skinny


Pro-Tip: Skinny has a Data Binge system where you can get unlimited data usage for a selected duration.