The first half of 2017 has passed and if you haven’t made your travel plans for the rest of the year, now is a good time to do so! Waiting until the year-end period, when everyone in the office is jostling for the best time to clear leave, is only going to add to the stress.

Whether you plan to go on a holiday this weekend, next month or next year, there are always things that you could already do now, to get ourselves ready to travel, anytime and anywhere.

Recently, Expedia shared the 2017 Millennial Traveller Report which reaffirm that Millennials are a unique breed, with a penchant for investing in experiences such as travelling, rather than owning high-value possessions. As Millennials continue to drive demand for travel, you might want to factor in these important tips to get ready to hit the road at any moment.

1. Have a One-Stop Booking Platform

Technology. What will we do without it? Millennials, often dubbed as the convenience generation, prefer everything faster and better. According to the study, Millennials listed convenience as a top reason why they prefer to book their holidays through travel agents (22%) or direct providers (18%).
With the internet within reach 24/7, researching and shopping online is easily accessible round the clock. Expedia’s one-stop booking platform helps to centralize all vacation planning in one place with hotel and flight bookings, car rentals, last minute deals, rewards and travel advice.

Pro-tip: If you booked through our Expedia mobile app, you could enjoy up to 40% on selected hotels for mobile exclusive deals!

2. Make Google Maps and Translator your next best friend

‘Lost in translation’? Fret not! When you’re alone in a non-English speaking foreign country, make Google Translate your next best buddy instead of gesturing around in an attempt to communicate.

Additionally, if you enjoy exploring, a good tip would be to download an offline map on Google. The map will ensure that you will be able to find your way through every nook and cranny without the need of an internet connection. Cheers to never truly getting lost!

3. Staying Digitally Connected

We must admit that we can’t function without our gadgets. This was validated in the report where 41% of Millennials use their smartphones at least once a day to manage their personal life. That said, how many of us are guilty of not being able to stay off-grid while travelling?

A great way to stay connected while on the move is to get a local SIM card with a data plan. Travellers can often find a local SIM card or WiFi access at the airport. However, if renting a WiFi router is your preferred way, make sure you have a reservation prior to heading down. This way, you will not walk away empty handed due to insufficient supply.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have more freedom, you can always opt for a local SIM card. As WiFi routers only work within a limited distance, using a SIM card means you will not have to worry about an upsized phone bill or drawing down on your existing data plan.

4. Pack Smart

Lastly, before we start our dream vacation, we have to ensure that we do not miss out on packing any essentials. Imagine the sinking feeling in your stomach, that at the airport, you realized that you’d left behind your passport or favourite shades.
To prevent such a situation, create a checklist and start packing a week before your holiday. This way, if you can’t seem to remember what you’ve missed, you will be able to have a few days to remember and add it on into your luggage.
By the way, a great hack to save space in your luggage is to roll your clothes instead of folding it. If you’re packing toiletries such as shampoo and face wash, make sure you keep them in Ziploc bags to prevent spillage.


We hope you make the most out of your well-deserved getaway with these four tips to help you get travel ready anytime, anywhere. Planning for your next vacation has never been easier.

To check out the 2017 Expedia Millennial Traveller Report, click here.