There are so many destinations to explore that are just a short trip away from Singapore. Weekend Getaways are fantastic for a short breather. But let’s be honest. The real reward comes from taking a week or two to explore somewhere new. Only then you really unwind, forgetting about work and how many episodes of Tanglin you’re missing. You start loving this adventurous version of yourself, the friendly people you meet, all that good food. Ahh…good times.

In this region, awaits Vietnam, Australia, Thailand… All such big places with so much to explore. Where to start? And hey, wouldn’t it be nice to see exactly what you want, stay only as long as you like, without any tour guide aunty telling you what time to wake up and shooing you up the bus when you’re falling in love with a place?

To help you plan your trip your way, we’ve charted out some of the most popular routes that travellers have taken to explore these amazing countries. Clicking the destinations below will take you to a map, showing a couple of ways to experience each place to a different beat. Under each map, find out a little more about what to do along the way.

When you’re ready to take the leap and get down to booking your own journey, use the buttons to check out the latest flight prices on, and the top hotels loved by other travellers. Then book your ideal trip, your way. No fixed routes! Stay as long as you want in each city, fly where you want, choose only hotels in your budget, and stay close to the attractions you’re most interested in. Ok, chiong!

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