If you’re going for a rugged outdoor adventure, you’ll certainly need some essential travel gear such as hiking shoes, outdoor backpacks and camping equipment to keep you snug and comfortable. Here are the best places to source these necessities.


Travel Gear For Sleeping: Lazada 

Shop: Online at Lazada’s website

From thermal sleeping bags for sub-zero temperatures to inflatable air mattresses for balmy nights under the stars, Lazada has one of the most comprehensive ranges of camping equipment from a wide variety of brands that comes in very handy for your outdoor adventures.

Check out the US Extreme Cold Goose Down Camping Sleeping Bag, $185.40, if you need something snug, while Intex offers inflatable mattresses from around $40. If you are renting sleeping bags, the Coghlan’s, $54.46, is a hygienic option.

More  info: Lazada website


Travel Gear For Camping: Amazon

Shop: Online at Amazon’s website

Woman at campsite

Choose from a wide array of camping equipment, such as Coleman tents and portable canopies and shelters for shade from the sun during the day. Expect to pay about US$250 for a quality tent, while canopies and shelters start from around US$100.

Amazon is also an excellent one-stop shop for quirky camping accessories that will make your outdoor adventure even more memorable, such as MalloMe, US$23.97, and hammocks from brands such as Yukon Outfitters or Neolite, starting from around US$43.


For Windbreakers, Jackets and Thermals: Campers Corner

Shop: 51 Waterloo Street, Singapore (More info: camperscorner.com.sg)

Arcteryx Jacket

Credit : Arcteryx

This is one of the most comprehensive outdoors stores in Singapore, and it certainly lives up to expectations. It stocks some of the most well-regarded outdoor apparel brands in the country, so you can be sure you will be well suited to face the elements.

Travel gear brands including Arcteryx and Marmot offer waterproof and down jackets, insulated pants and well-constructed thermals – an absolute essential when you are trekking in the mountains.

Note: there is a much wider variety of items in the store than on the website, so do head down for a fitting.Expect to pay upwards of $250 for a quality jacket and about $100 for thermals, but you can also check out the sale rack for discounts on past-season items.


For Hiking Shoes: Timberland

Shop: Various malls islandwide. (More info: timberland.com.sg)

TImberland Chocorua Trail

TImberland Chocorua Trail  |  Credit: www.timberland.com.sg

When it comes to travel gear, shoes are easily one of the topmost important things. On any trip, you generally do lots of walking so even your casual shoes need to be comfy.  If you’re doing anything outdoorsy, shoes then become absolutely important.

Sturdy shoes that protect your ankles are a must when navigating the great outdoors. Timberland offers a range of excellent shoes to ensure you stay on steady footing even when traversing rocky trails.

The Chocorua, $259, has a shock-absorbing sole and Gore-Tex to keep your feet dry, while the Over The Chill boots, $299, have a faux fur lining to keep your toes warm and toasty on a wintry vacation.

Two hikers enjoying sunrise from top of a mountain

For Outdoor Backpacks: Outdoor Life

Shop: Outdoor Life, 02-18 Wheelock Place, Singapore. (More info: outdoorlife.com.sg)

The size of the backpack will depend on the length of your trip. Basically, it should have adjustable and well-padded shoulder and waist straps to allow you to better shoulder the weight.You will need a large backpack for long camping trips, while a small or medium pack or duffel will suffice for a few days.

At Outdoor Life, brands such as Black Diamond and The North Face have sturdy options in these sizes, with prices starting from about $150.

Even on day trips, it is wise to carry a small daypack that can hold a water bottle, an extra jacket or cardigan and some snacks. Check out the Patagonia Arbor Pack, $186, which is stylish enough for the city, too.


For Outdoor Travel Accessories: Adventure 21

Shop: 03-55 The Central, Singapore. (More info: adventure21.com.sg)

Outdoor travel accessories

Pick up the rest of your travel essentials, such as torches, walking sticks, water bottles, first-aid kits and wool socks, from Adventure21. What’s great about this store is that it is staffed by experienced outdoor travellers who can offer advice about what you will need on your trip, and possibly point out other items you may have overlooked, such as a quick-dry microfibre towel or bottles with inbuilt filters.




Packing and Dressing Tips for the Outdoors

1) Double Swap

To keep your backpack from weighing you down, pack just two complete sets of clothing, no matter how long your trip is. One set of clothes can be left out to dry while you wear the other. This may sound limiting, but you will be very thankful to have a lighter burden while hiking.

 2) Zip-it Dry

Keep your items separated in waterproof ziplock bags to ensure they stay dry even when it rains or if something leaks.

 3) Top, Middle, Base

Lesser-used items such as the first-aid kit should be stashed at the base of the backpack.

Heavy items such as water filters should be packed in the centre of the bag and as close to the spine as possible to ensure you have good balance when you walk. Fill out the rest of the space with clothing and other lightweight items.

Essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent and your compass should be placed in the front or top pocket of the backpack for easy access.

 4) Shine Bright

Wear a brightly-coloured jacket in red, purple or orange to ensure maximum visibility in the great outdoors in case of emergencies.

It can be challenging to look fashionable and coordinated in outdoorsy gear, but if you keep the rest of your clothing, such as your pants and shoes, in an earth or dark tone, you will find it much easier to look coordinated.

 5) Anti Abrasion

Prevent foot abrasions and painful blisters by wearing thick wool socks with your hiking boots.


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