Southern Thailand’s Andaman coast is simply stunning and is home to Krabi, one of the nation’s most visually appealing destinations. Full of mind-boggling beaches, islands, bays and coves, there’s plenty to discover here, and the charming township adds to its appeal. But don’t limit your Krabi experience to just the major tourist attractions – take the time to really get to the heart of what makes this area so special.

If you’re making your way to this tropical oasis any time soon, take a look at these tips to help you experience Krabi like a local.

Learn the language

While it may not be realistic to learn how to speak Thai fluently by the time your holiday rolls around, you will likely have a much more enjoyable – and authentic – Krabi experience if you can master a few phrases. Speaking just a few local phrases can go a long way in Krabi, Thailand. Not only will locals appreciate the fact that you’ve put in effort to communicate with them, you will likely experience a great level of efficiency when it comes to things like ordering food and asking for directions.

Most people in Krabi speak standard Central Thai, so brush up on your basic skills before you leave home.

Phrases that will serve you well include:

Men Women
“Hello” Sawa dee krap Sawa dee ka
“Thank you” Kob kuhn krap Kob Kuhn ka
“How are you?” Kuhn sabai di mai?  Kuhn sabai di mai ka?
“Fine, thank you” Pom sabai di krap Chan sabai di ka
“I cannot speak Thai” Pood Thai mai dai

Pood Thai mai dai ka

“I don’t understand” Mai khao jai  Mai khao jai ka
I am hungry Pom/chan heu kao  Chan heu kao ka
To eat Gin Kao (eat rice)  Gin Kao ka
“Where is the toilet?” Hong naam yu nai?  Hong naam yu nai ka?
Want Ao  Ao ka
Don’t Want Mai ao  Mai ao ka



Plan your trip around the crowds

1) Start Your Days Early

Some popular tourist attractions in Krabi can get incredibly busy throughout the year, particularly during the high season. Avoid this by visiting popular (yet still beautiful) destinations such as Phi Phi early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the crowds are thinner, or take private charters to get to more isolated destinations with skilled guides.

2) Get Off the Beaten Track

Getting off the beaten track is another key way to see a different side of Krabi. Hire a bicycle and follow your nose around the back roads of Krabi to discover new, untouched areas, including pineapple plantations and swimming holes. Friendly locals will be more than happy to direct you to other attractions.

3) Adventure in the National Parks

Venture north of Krabi Town to Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, which is accessible by bicycle or car. Trek through the jungle to waterfalls, swimming holes and daves, which feel like a world away from the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s city centres.

Khlong Thom National Park

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