1) Pray before travelling

Pray, according to your religion, before you embark on your holidays to safeguard your safety and well-being, and give you peace of mind.

2) Knock on the door when entering a hotel room for the first time

Knocking on a door is a widely-used gesture to show respect. By knocking on a hotel room door before entering for the first time, you are showing respect to any spiritual occupants and signalling your intention to occupy the room. In addition, walking sideways when first entering a hotel room is recommended. 

3) Stay in a hotel room with windows

Fill the room with as much sunlight as possible. In fengshui, it is believed that darkness represents excessive yin Staying in a hotel room without windows may cause uneasiness.

4) Flush the toilet when first entering a hotel room

This symbolises the removal of unwanted energies from previous guests and a new beginning. Also, it is recommended that you switch on all the lights in the room to enhance yang A room that is unoccupied for a period of time contains much yin energy, which may cause uneasiness.

5) Follow the cultural practices of host country

Fengshui is the practice of creating harmony and the two most important results of going on holiday are happiness and harmony. Following the cultural practices of the host country promotes harmony between locals and visitors, reducing tension and incidence of conflict during your travels.



6) Don’t sleep under a beam

Avoid sleeping directly beneath beams, especially sloping beams, as this causes emotional stress. If the bed is positioned underneath a beam, position yourself away from said structure. If the above is not a viable option, you should request a change in room.

7) Don’t face a mirror while sleeping

When assessing fengshui, mirror placement is an important factor. It is not ideal for a mirror to be placed directly opposite the bed as this creates emotional stress and leaves you feeling uneasy. Therefore, if you happen to be in a hotel room with such a layout, covering the mirror with a towel is a suitable remedy for a good night’s rest.

8)Don’t leave your shoes pointed towards the interior of accommodation

In fengshui, it is believed that worn shoes carry negative energies accumulated from the outside. As the tip of shoes act as the channelling point of these energies, it is recommended that you position any footwear  you’re not wearing towards the outside or walls to negate this effect.

9) Don’t pick up / bring back anything left in public areas

In fengshui, everything has its own energy. Unclaimed items are likely to contain negative energies, so avoid bringing these objects back to your accommodation to prevent bringing in negative energies. 

10) Don’t do anything that makes you feel uneasy (follow your heart)

In Chinese Metaphysics, it is believed that that everyone undergoes a luck cycle. You are the best judge of what makes you feel good or not. Whether you are at a positive or negative phase of your luck cycle, you should avoid taking unnecessary risks. Refrain from travelling or walking through places that leave you feeling tense. Also, abstain from high-risk activities or those that cause anxiety.


About the Author – Guestpost Courtesy of Way Fengshui Group

With more than 30 years of glorious history, Way Fengshui Group is the largest and most established fengshui consultancy in Singapore, started by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong, and joined by his son and current CEO Mark Tan. It played an integral part in the relocation of the Merlion, consulted for The Paragon, Parkview Square and DUO, and has also recently set up a fengshui academy for aspiring fengshui masters, which will see its first batch of graduates in 2017.