Travellers, get your chi on!

Call it superstition, but we thought we’d start the Lunar calendar right by getting expert fengshui advice, to know where are the best places for each zodiac in the Chinese Horoscope to travel to this year. Journey east? Go west? We consulted fengshui master, Master Goh Guan Leong, for some expert direction.

“The recommended countries are places where the zodiac signs can tap on auspicious energy, and are selected based on each sign’s favourable directions in 2015,” he states.

And the overall best dates to travel this Year of the Goat? “March is the month of Academic, which makes it good for overseas study and self-enrichment trips. June, August and October are known as months of Wealth in 2015, and are good for business trips,” advises Master Goh.



Chinese Zodiac - Rat

Australia and Africa are auspicious destinations for the Rat in 2015.

Tasminia specifically is the right spot to go in Australia. In Tasmania, choose from hiking through awe-inspiring national parks to contemplating modern art and antiquities at the controversial MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart.

In Africa, some top to-dos include pondering on the ancient Pyramids of Giza, getting up close to wild beasts on a Serengeti safari, and gawking at the spectacular Victoria Falls.




For the Ox, bullish destinations in this year’s Chinese horoscope include China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In China, we suggest climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, cooing at cute pandas in Chengdu and staring down Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an.

If your itinerary is led by your tastebuds, there’ll be plenty to feast on in gastronomic Hong Kong, and at Taiwan’s famous night markets.




For Tigers on the prowl for some pop culture, this is a good year to head to Japan and Korea.

Shop Gangnam-style in, well…Gangnam. It’s a trendy, upmarket area of Seoul that makes a great start, before continuing on to the shopping districts of Dongdaemun and Myeongdong.

In Tokyo, Japan, unleash your inner otaku (geek) in the city’s countless anime and manga shops, such Nakano Broadway, Mandarake, Yodobashi – the list goes on.




Rabbits, hop on out to USA. It’s a vast country, but some leading destinations for you according to the Chinese horoscope include lively, buzzing New York, cultural Chicago, hippie, personality-filled San Francisco, razzle-dazzle Las Vegas, or laid-back San Diego.

Or consider a road trip across the mid-west. We don’t have much opportunities for that in Singapore. So it’s a great opportunity to have a big road trip out there. Especially as the rather different landscape in the US offers sights galore!




Many options abound for the magnificent Dragon, from Russia and China, to Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and Nepal. The colourful, sensory sights of India would suit this fiery sign, from the monuments of Delhi, to exotic Pondicherry, and the glorious Taj Mahal.




It’s India, Pakistan, or Bhutan for those born in the year of the Snake. We’d love to head to the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan for its amazing Himalayan landscape, happy people, idyllic towns and monastries, and inexplicable magic.




Where will the Horse gallop to this year? Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, says Master Goh.

These destinations are only short trips from Singapore but offer plenty to do, from exploring the streets in increasingly trendy Penang in Malaysia, to island-hopping in Thailand, and getting lost in the atmospheric Old Quarters of Hanoi, Vietnam.




The Year of the Goat sees this leading zodiac sign hoofing it to USA or Australia.

Like USA, the Land Down Under offers shear, we mean, sheer variety for the Goat traveller. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Outback and cosmopolitan cities, your itinerary can cover anything from adventure to road trips to urban living and indulging in the café culture.




Monkey see monkey do! This zodiac sign’s destinations follow its counterparts to China, Russia and Tasmania, Australia.

For the adventurous, Russia excites with old picturesque towns, the Kremlin in Moscow, and of course, St Petersburg’s Hermitage.  Be sure to sort your visas out way in advance!




Likewise, the Rooster flies the coop to Australia, Tasmania this year for an invigorating holiday.

If you’re looking for some R&R, Tasmania’s beautiful natural landscape is the perfect setting for some of the most scenic wilderness lodges or spa resorts. Cradle Mountain is a favourite destination which offers walks and jaw-dropping natural scenery.




For the Dog, the stars are aligned in USA.

Nearer to home, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are also favourable destinations, where an affordable treat would be to check into one of the region’s boutique hotels.




And where does the little piggie go? Russia, China and USA.

Again, options abound, depending on what floats your boat. Exoticism in Russia, culture in China, or bright lights, big city in USA?

Get Your Chi On!

Now you know which way the Chinese horoscope is pointing you. Goat or Monkey, if you’re ready to start the Chinese New Year with an auspicious trip, check out Expedia’s Last Minute Chinese New Year Sale.

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