A little while back we invited you guys to send us your best travel photos, in the #EyeWanderWin Travel Photography Contest. And you got us pretty excited with all those great submissions! Good on you for being big ol explorers!

Well, the 3 pairs of lucky winners have jet set off to their mystery destinations and returned! Where did they go? They didn’t know either. Not till we revealed it to them in a fun little gathering held here at the Expedia office — with wine and chocolate eclairs and unicorn float — and a lucky draw for them to choose their own fate!


Now they’re back from

The Beach – Koh Kood and Koh Chang, Thailand;

The City – Penang, Malaysia;

and The Emerging Destination – Bagan, Myanmar.


Here’s a sneak peek of their trips. These pics are all taken on the OPPO R9s Plus, a great phone – as you will see – for taking quality photos. The following features shots from the wonderful winners and the Klaud9 photographer who accompanied them.

I say again, all shot on a phone. IKR?

Welcome back Amalina, Priscilla, Ernest and Ryan! Thank you for your beautiful captures of these wonderful destinations.

Special thanks goes out also to our hotel partners for making the experience special for all the winners:

Cham’s House

KC Grande Resort

My Bagan Residence by Amata

The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate

The Edison George Town