Don’t knock it as mere superstition because fengshui has been used for eons to help people enhance their luck – in careers, health, finances and relationships. Travel is of course a big financial decision that’s on everyone’s cards. But where should each of you travel to have a really great time and to reap as much prosperity as you can? To answer this, we’ve consulted fengshui master Goh Guan Leong and his trusty bagua and almanac for our Chinese Horoscope travel guide 2016. Fengshui master Goh advises where and how far each Chinese zodiac sign should travel to in the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Here’s our definitive list of where each zodiac should go in the year of the auspicious Fire Monkey, 2016, plus some really handy advice.

Chinese Horoscope Travel Guide 2016


Rat Zodiac Sign


Short/Medium Haul: South Korea

Seoul is an absolute must-do for the active Rat. Rats are hoarders among the Chinese Zodiac animals, and will gravitate towards Insa-dong shopping street and its treasure trove of souvenir and antique stores. Visiting the DMZ or demilitarised zone will probably appeal to Rats too, satiating their innate curiosity about the world.

Long Haul: New York, USA

The Big Apple‘s bright lights, fantastic shopping, tantalising and diverse restaurant scene as well as its unbeatable collection of world-class attractions makes it a fitting destination for the outgoing and flamboyant Rat.



Your 2016 Chinese horoscopes shows you should say yes to business travel this year; it will open up opportunities for career progression.


Ox Zodiac Sign

Ox zodiac sign

Short/Medium Haul: Hong Kong

By all means, stay in the frenetic ramparts of Hong Kong’s Kowloon and Central to take advantage of its excellent shopping and dining opportunities. But do not miss out on travelling to the neighbouring isles of Cheung Chau Island and New Lantau Island, which are much more tranquil and which will definitely appeal more to peace-loving Oxen.

Long Haul: Tasmania, Australia

Long hikes through Tasmania‘s verdant national parks are sure to keep Oxen happy. For something more contemplative, head down to Hobart’s controversial MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) to view bold contemporary art pieces.



The Chinese horoscope says the Ox zodiac sign should make time for trips as a couple to keep the flames of love burning.


Tiger Zodiac Sign


Long Haul: Istanbul, Turkey

Competitive Tigers love exotic destinations that will earn them bragging rights. Istanbul, with its ancient streets and UNESCO-listed sites including the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia as well as its sultry souks, definitely fits the bill.
Tigers should travel far and wide and try to fit business trips in where you can to improve your career prospects, according to the Chinese horoscope travel guide.


Rabbit Zodiac Sign


Short/Medium Haul: India

Rabbits are culture vultures, and mystical India will definitely play to their personality. Rabbits should hop to New Delhi first, before embarking on the classic Jaipur-Agra Golden Triangle route which passes the iconic Taj Mahal as well as the foreboding Amber Fort.

Long Haul: Bulgaria

Historically a melting pot of cultures, Bulgaria has a long tradition of religious art and is awash with ancient Greek ruins – which are sure to interest highly cultured Rabbits.


Tip: Rabbits should make sure you travel at least once this year to improve your luck.

Dragon Zodiac Sign


Short/Medium Haul: Beijing, China

China’s capital Beijing is a hotbed of energy crammed with colossal attractions which are sure to please the adventure-loving Dragon. There are six UNESCO sites in this city, including the magnificent Forbidden City and the awe-inspiring Great Wall.

Long Haul: France

Beautiful and romantic Paris with its rococo edifices, high-brow galleries and stylish cafes will melt the Dragon’s tough veneer. Out of Paris, explore fine wines in Burgundy or gourmet delights in Lyon. Head south to laze on the beaches of the French Riviera or explore Provence, the birthplace of French impressionism.


Tip: Enhance your creativity by travelling, but do make sure you avoid risky activities this year of the Monkey.


Snake Zodiac Sign


Short/Medium Haul: Macau

Macau‘s plush hotels and ostentatious casinos are sure to slither right into the luxury-loving Snake’s travel plans.

Long Haul: Italy

With a horde of designer shops in every city, as well as over-the-top five-star hotels, Italy is a natural choice for the chic and stylish Snake. Italy’s capital of fashion Milan alongside Venice, with its fine artisanal goods such as handmade Murano glass and hand-sewn Burano lace, are sure to be your favourite stops.


Tip: Our Chinese horoscope travel guide says snakes should improve your networking skills by travelling, and you will see some progress up the career ladder.


Horse Zodiac Sign


Short/Medium Haul: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Horses won’t have to gallop too far out this year. Kuala Lumpur with its lively nightlife, great shopping and delicious street food are sure to go down a treat with energetic and fun-loving Horses.


Tip: Travel to search for property to purchase, but be sure to read the fine print before parting with your cash, horses!


Goat Zodiac Sign


Long Haul: Moscow, Russia

Goats, who are partial to the finer things in life, should head off to Moscow, a destination chock-full of elegant artistry. Catch a performance of the Bolshoi Ballet, admire the grand spires of St Basil’s Cathedral or explore the notorious monuments from the Communist era, notably the Kremlin and Red Square.


Tip: The Chinese horoscope points goats towards travel for romance, but beware of health hazards while abroad.

Monkey Zodiac Sign

Short/Medium Haul: Vietnam

Cheeky Monkeys need to swing up to Vietnam. Start up north in old-world Hanoi before exploring sublime Halong Bay. Next, head down to Hue to view its astounding cache of ancient monuments. Finally, travel south to end up in Ho Chi Minh City to see the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels and the mausoleum holding the well-preserved remains of the city’s namesake.


Tip: Make sure you travel regularly to relax and unwind. Avoid extreme sports.


Rooster Zodiac Sign


Short/Medium Haul: Thailand

Fly from the coop to the Land of Smiles and enjoy all that it has to offer – from pristine white beaches, cooling mountain retreats, right to the bold streets of Bangkok, with its posh restaurants and bars, plush hotels, glitzy shopping malls and tempting street food.

Long Haul: Austria

Austria, with its snow-capped mountains, quaint cobbled-stoned cities and grand vistas will sit well with showy Roosters.


Tip: Travel is a must this year if you want to improve your career prospects.


Dog Zodiac Sign


Short/Medium Haul: Nepal

The Chinese horoscope advises those with the dog zodiac sign to make a beeline for Nepal, the land of snow peaks and Sherpas, to hike the Himalayas and to find some much-needed Zen. Dogs love being part of a pack, so they should venture out with friends and family.


Tip: Take time off to travel and to avoid burnout.


Pig Zodiac Sign


Short/Medium Haul: Japan

Most food-loving of the Chinese Zodiac animals, Pigs should trot to the Land of the Rising Sun, which is home to a wealth of gastronomic delights. Have a hot pot in Hokkaido; sample soba noodles in Tohoku; feast on yakitori in Kanto; and devour okonomiyaki in Kansai.


Tip: Those born in the year of the Pig should travel to meet new people in 2016.


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Whatever your Chinese zodiac sign, here’s wishing you a great year of safe travels, good health and prosperity in 2016!

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