Need to buy cold-weather gear before jetting off for a winter adventure? In our weather, there’s hardly a need for a winter jackets, weatherproof coats, woolen gloves or boots that keep you warm. But when heading to destinations when the temperatures dip, you’ll definitely need some good warm winter clothes to enjoy your holiday.  Here are the best places to shop for the cold-weather apparel and accessories in Singapore.


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If you’re in the mood to splurge, check out this high-end, high-performance outerwear and lifestyle French-Italian label. Favoured by stylish Europeans on their winter skiing vacations in the Alps, its signature quilted down jacket will keep you feeling warm and snug and looking impeccable even in sub-zero temperatures.


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From colourful cashmere and wool sweaters to ultra-light puffy jackets that fold into a compact pouch for easy packing, this Japanese brand has a treasure trove of affordable and easy-to-wear layering pieces for the cold weather. This way, you’ll be able to keep warm outdoors, while peeling off the layers when you’re in heated buildings. Don’t forget to buy its Heattech innerwear range, featuring high-tech fabric that helps ensure heat retention even when it’s cold outside.



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It’s understandable if you’re watching your shopping budget for cold-weather clothing – after all, you’ll only get to use them when you’re abroad. Luckily, there’s H&M, which stocks a wide selection of the trendiest outerwear, cosy knits and winter accessories for all your winter needs. You’ll be able to build a fashionista’s winter wardrobe effortlessly – without breaking the bank!


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If you’re going somewhere where plenty of snowfall and ice are expected, or intend to spend time outdoors, you’ll also need to bring along a pair of sturdy anti-slip boots. Timberland has a wide variety of well-constructed, waterproof and slip-proof boots and footwear that are comfortable enough to wear through the day and stylish enough to go with your smart-casual clothing. There’s also a good range of cold-weather outerwear at Timberland for you to browse.Winter boots

The North Face

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Looking for high-performance and technologically advanced winter gear that will keep you warm and dry in the great outdoors? The North Face is one of your best bets, as it carries a large range of apparel, footwear and accessories made to protect you against the harsh elements. You’ll even be able to pick up tents and sleeping bags from this store, if you’re planning on having a rugged outdoor adventure.


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Children wearing winter coatsWhile Singapore has quite a variety of options of winter clothing for adults, it’s harder to find good-quality cold-weather gear for children. Robinsons is one of the department stores in Singapore with great things for young ones, so you can stock up on all their essentials under one roof.


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Coldwear is one of Singapore’s most enduring cold-gear suppliers, with a wide range of functional apparel and accessories including down and padded jackets, thermal wear, scarves, gloves and hats. The shops carry men’s, women’s and kids’ gear, so you’ll be able to get the entire family suited up for winter at this one stop shop.


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This $2 Japanese store doesn’t sell winter wear, but it does offer something very important if you are prone to suffering from icy fingers or are particularly susceptible to the cold. To keep the chills at bay, stock up on instant heat pads that last for up to eight hours. Look out for the ones with adhesive backs, so you can stick them to your innermost layer for a convenient dose of warmth. Daiso also stocks a wide variety of vacuum bags, which will come in handy for compressing bulky sweaters and jackets so they’ll all fit into your suitcase.

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