Business travel can be just that: busy! Make the most of your trips out of town with these tips. We’ve got everything from apps to earplugs, reminding you of what not to forget when you head to your international offices.

Travel Kit for Business Travellers


Where is your company going to send you next?  If you have a choice, request for a business trip to a major business hub like London, Shanghai, New York or Mumbai. These international cities are buzzing with activity, both in business and otherwise. With flight maps connecting to locations all over the world, they’re filled with both jet-set travellers and dedicated workers.

Knuckle down in the city and get your work done. Once you’ve finished, mix business with pleasure by focusing on networking and fun: hit the cities’ plethora of hotspots after hours with your colleagues.

Where to go for casual after-work drinks? A trusty travel app can be incredibly useful for quickly finding the right spots in the city for a social dinner or drinks. Localeur offers recommendations of typical and authentic locations wherever you may be. If you’re lucky, you may even land in a location with festivals or holidays to celebrate with the locals.

Extend your business travel for some leisure

If you don’t have to spend time networking, it’s worth extending your business trip to explore the region while you’re there. Especially if it may be your one time in that part of the world. Check out budget airlines or local airlines for cheap fares and hop on a short flight to a nearby city for a bit of leisurely exploring.


Packing for a Business Trip

Whether you’re packing for a 1 to 2 day business trip or a week-long trip, packing for business travel can be a tricky thing. Here are some tricks to master:

Pack Lightly

Going over the baggage allowance is one of the most common things that travellers worry about. Remembering the various requirements for different airlines can send your head into a spin, so why not choose a carry-on that lets you do more? The Alpha 2 4 Wheel Compact Brief by TUMI is standard carry-on size, but can be expanded by two inches, with enough space for a spare suit and extra room for your laptop and other accessories.

Easy Access

Anything you might need while you’re on the move, remember to keep in an easy-access pocket of your bag. Passports, documents, chargers, spare padlocks, earplugs, medication for instance. It’s never a bad idea to have some ’emergency’ items too, like a mini sewing kit or spare luggage strap, in case anything decides to fall apart on you — it happens (often at the worst possible times).

Energy Boosts in Your Bag

A business trip often means working crazy hours. Sometimes you have to wake up for the airport transfer before the hotel breakfast is served, or going straight from flight to meetings.

Turn to protein-rich foods like nuts mixed with granola that get through security with no problems. Throw in some Starbucks single-serving instant coffee packs too, which can be made anywhere serving hot water. No more aeroplane coffee for you.

Find Your Focus with Silence

Peace and quiet can be elusive when you’re travelling. Find instant calm and silence when you pack your own foam earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones for your music. Earplugs might not be the most glamorous looking things but when a baby is screeching on that overseas flight or your hotel has construction going on at all hours next door, you will thank your lucky stars that you planned ahead.

If you’re not keen on bulky headphones, invest in high quality in-ear headphones as the buds often drown out ambient noise. Here’s a list of the best noise-cancelling headphones by Tech Radar.

Also incredibly handy when you’re seated next to an overly chatty fella on the plane.

Sleep-saving Tricks

Travelling across time zones is tricky and when you do it for work, chances are you won’t be able to sneak in an afternoon siesta. Get your sleeping schedule on track the natural way with supplements like melatonin and soothing lavender essential oil. Bonus: the delightful lavender scent doubles as a perfume.

With a busy schedule, you might find yourself desperate for a nap when you’re in an odd place. A sleep mask is highly recommended to black out lights for a daytime nap. If you have space, a travel pillow is great to get you comfortable enough to doze off wherever.


What You’ll Need Before You Go

Preparing for a business trip

Speed and functionality are key when it comes to travelling for business. Prepare well with the aid of quality travel gear for business travel.

Organize Your Trip with Electronic Itineraries

Paperless is the way to go when you’re travelling, and TripIt and TripIt Pro will help you do it. Not only do the apps amass all your reservations (hotels, flights, cars and restaurants), but they automatically organise them into a handy itinerary that can be accessed from any device. Now, that’s smart travelling.

 Skip Airport Queues

There’s nothing worse than long lines, and there are lots of them in airports. Make it easy on yourself with the APEC Card for Business Travel. Twenty participating countries allow card holders to access the fast-track lanes at security and immigration. You’ll be glad to have this bit of plastic in your wallet, with no more individual applications for visas and entry permits.

Business Travel Insurance in Singapore

You can be compensated for unexpected problems when you have travel insurance. It’s always important to have coverage for delays, connections, loss of baggage or medical treatment, especially when you’re travelling for business.

Aviva travel insurance not only covers the basics, but has a handy Aviva Singapore Travel App so you can access your plan and policy on the go. Read more about that here.

Staying Connected as You Travel

When you’re on the go on a business trip, it can be frustrating to hunt down WiFi spots and keep logging on to cumbersome connections. Instead, bring your own. The Novatel Wireless MiFi Liberate brings you from Wi-Fi to Mi-Fi on a powerful and compact mobile hotspot.  It works in more than 200 countries and allows you to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices.