Best time to Visit USA: Southeastern states

Top Cities in this region: Florida, VirginiaNew Orleans, Alabama, Tennessee

Help Me Understand the Table

Peak Tourism Months:

High Season Shoulder Low Season


Header: Months of the year

First row: Season of the year

Second row: Average weather pattern

Third row: Range of average lowest to highest temperatures


Peak: Dates and Events in the year that draw big crowds and festivities


*All weather, info and event dates are estimates, serving as a general guide based on historical patterns. Events and conditions can vary year to year — Mother nature makes her own rules!

Things to Note

Subtropical weather. Extremely humid in summer, mucky in rainy months, most comfortable in winter.

Hurricanes season in Florida: June – Nov.

Check the local weather warnings regularly.

Florida is extra busy during spring break and school holidays (theme parks). And Ultra Music Festival.

New Orleans is most exciting during Mardi Gras and springtime festivals. Also fun at Halloween.

High Season Shoulder Season  Low Season
Jun – Nov Apr – May Dec – Apr
Sept – Nov

Best time to Visit USA: Northeastern states

Top Destinations:  New York, Boston, New Jersey and Niagara Falls along the Canadian border.

Low Season (Quietest) Shoulder Season  High Season (Busiest)
Jan – Mar Mar – May Jun – Aug
Sept – Oct

Things to Note

New York is popular year round. All 4 seasons are beautiful in different ways.

NY: Slightly quieter during the coldest months, and when families travel to the sunnier coasts over school holidays

NY: Autumn is the shoulder season and a wonderful time to explore

Niagara Falls is best in summer. But when temperatures drop, so do prices.

Best time to Visit USA: Southeastern states

Top Cities in this region: Includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Disneyland, California, Napa wine valleys.

Low Season  (Quietest) Shoulder Season  High Season  (Busiest)
Jan – Feb Mar – Apr May – Oct
Nov – Dec

Things to Note

Late September is a great time to visit SoCal. Less crowds, enjoyable weather and lots of festivals

Fog: San Diego (May-Jun) / San Fran (Jul-Aug)

California – Whale watching: Best in February and April.

California – Best time to hit the beaches: May – Oct

Las Vegas is busiest in winter, and super hot in summer.

Peak Season vs Low Season – What is the Best Time to Go?

It depends what makes your ideal holiday.

The off season travel months are generally the cheapest time to visit any destination. There’s a good chance that hotels and attractions offer discounted prices.

In contrast, the best month to experience a destination also tends to the busiest, so you have to contend with more crowds and longer queues at attractions. But peak season is the peak for a reason, so there’s many things at their best – such as weather, opening hours, events etc.

If your calendar is pretty open, then shoulder season is a great time for independent travellers. Between peak season and off season, the ‘shoulder’ months give you the best of both worlds.