Destinations in East Asia

Japan, China, South Korea count among the other countries in this region, and they are all so rich with culture that its no surprise it consistently draws travellers to visit throughout the year, exploring the different corners of each city. Many of the top destinations for Singaporean travellers lie in the East.

Each country’s geography is vast on their own, so put together, the region spans a great area. Which means the weather and seasons can be pretty different from each other. On top of the 4 seasons, some cities also have unique ‘seasons’ like Cherry blossoms, anime conventions and religious festivities that last for days. These draw big crowds. Local tourism is enough to have hotels fully-booked during big events.

Our guide gives you a broad idea of the best time to visit by looking at the four seasons and which months of the year they fall into, big events, tourism peak season and off season, and other weather elements that might affect a holiday. Depending on whether you want to catch the best events or avoid the crowds, use the guide to figure out the best time to visit cities in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Here are some of the most popular cities in the region:

Places to Visit in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido

Popular China Destinations: Shanghai, Beijing, Guilin, Xian, Guangdong

Best Places to Visit in Korea: Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island

Where to Visit in Taiwan: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan

Other Popular Cities: Hong Kong, Macau

Best time to Visit East Asia

Destinations in this region: Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China

Help Me Understand the Table

Peak Tourism Months:

High Season Shoulder Low Season


Header: Months of the year

First row: Season of the year

Second row: Average weather pattern

Third row: Range of average lowest to highest temperatures


Peak: Dates and Events in the year that draw big crowds and festivities


*All weather, info and event dates are estimates, serving as a general guide based on historical patterns. Events and conditions can vary year to year — Mother nature makes her own rules!

Peak Tourist Seasons and Off Peak Seasons in Japan and cities in East Asia

High Season Shoulder Season Low Season
 Jan – Mar Jun – Jul Apr – May
  Sept – Dec  

Travel Tips

Book early for Cherry Blossoms season. Bloom dates vary year to year.

Japan: During Golden Week (end-April to early-May), transport and tourist sites get extremely crowded.

Taiwan: Typhoon Season from Jun-Sept

Winter is low season except on the ski slopes. Great for winter sports.

Spring is a great time to visit National Parks and scenic areas like Taroko, Yangmingshan, Seoraksan, and Alishan.

Official climbing season for Mt Fuji is Jul-Sept. Facilities are closed outside this season.

Get the Japan Rail Pass before you get to Japan

Peak Season vs Low Season – What is the Best Time to Go?

It depends what makes your ideal holiday.

The off season travel months are generally the cheapest time to visit any destination. There’s a good chance that hotels and attractions offer discounted prices.

In contrast, the best month to experience a destination also tends to the busiest, so you have to contend with more crowds and longer queues at attractions. But peak season is the peak for a reason, so there’s many things at their best – such as weather, opening hours, events etc.

If your calendar is pretty open, then shoulder season is a great time for independent travellers. Between peak season and off season, the ‘shoulder’ months give you the best of both worlds.