Every year, Expedia conducts a survey of the behaviour and preferences among beachgoers around the world. Beach destinations are of course very popular for people seeking a holiday, often the top choice for a break. The annual survey, the Expedia Flip Flop Report, reveals some juicy tidbits about what we do at the beach (like who likes to go nude!!), how we prepare our beach bods and what kind of beach atmosphere we seek — and the findings can be surprisingly different between nationalities! We even asked where the best-looking beach bods can be found ;p  Expedia surveys over 11,000 people in different parts of the world. Here are the 2016 results!

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Singaporean vacationers are the second biggest beachgoers internationally

Yup, we do love our beaches. The parade of washboard abs at Tanjong Beach Club aside, Singaporeans love to hop over to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia for a beach holiday. We are surrounded by some of the best tropical beaches and flights can be incredibly cheap, so why not! We’re quite happy to spend our annual leave from pantai to pantai…


Austria takes top spot as most likely to go nude on the beach!

It’s all about the smoothest suntan isn’t it? Austrians wrestled this top spot from the German beachgoers who wore the crown last year.

Unsurprisingly, Asians are the most modest beachgoers. Very few have ever gone nude, only a couple of respondents from Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Japan admitting they have dared to bare. But nude sunbathing is not celebrated everywhere in the West either. 77% of American females also said they would never go topless at a public beach.


What do Singaporeans love to do most on the beach? Nothing.

That’s right. We love to lepak on the beach. Champions of nuaing.

82% of Singaporeans prefer to “do nothing” on a beach vacation, almost 10% higher than the global average. This could signify that Singapore travelers use beach holidays as an opportunity to wind down from their hectic lives back at home.

But we’re not comatose (although food comas must be pretty common with all the delicious seafood in Southeast Asia!). Singaporeans enjoy their long walks on the beach, sharing instagram selfies, watching the sunrise or sunset, or just people watching.

I’m with you on that, people watching is so much fun on the beach. You’re bound to spot a few stereotypes like the fully-dressed Japanese lady carefully shaded under her delicate umbrella, rowdy Australians enjoying their beer, men’s heads moving in coordination when a beach babe walks by… Ahh, the little joys.



We are more likely to take a beach holiday with family

Similar to fellow Southeast Asians, Singaporeans enjoy sharing the down-time with family, where you can relax and catch up.

Singapore is within close proximity to some of the world’s best beach destinations for Asia,” said Simon Fiquet, General Manager for Expedia Southeast Asia and India.It is no surprise that when it comes to planning a family holiday, or a quick getaway for the weekend, a beach holiday becomes a top choice for our travelers. It is also in our culture and DNA to center our leisure time on our families.”


Beer is the world’s favourite alcoholic beach drink

$2 Bintang in Bali, anyone? Or do you fancy a bucket of Chang on Koh Phi Phi?


Gym to get fit before a beach trip? No need lah!

In Thailand, 32% of travellers said they would postpone a beach vacation just to get in shape.

Singaporeans said, no need lah! Just go only.

But, almost half said they would prepare by going shopping for new swimwear. Gotta look hot for those selfies right?


The Beach Must be Clean and Safe

I hate the idea of having to watch my stuff like a hawk when I just want to relax on the beach. But that is the reality of beaches in some parts of the world. They are hotspots for pickpockets and sneaky buggers who are pros at stealing your bags.

Singaporeans rated cleanliness and safety as important factors in deciding where to go for a beach holiday. Good weather is also a factor, which is why monsoon season sees a decline in visitors to beautiful beaches in Tioman, Bali, Phuket and the like.


Popular Beach Regions Outside Asia

We’re familiar with the beautiful beaches in Asia. But what’s well-loved on the other side of the world?

For Americans, Mexico and Florida are their favourite beach breaks. Worldwide, Spain’s beaches are the most-visited, followed by beaches in Australia, Italy and Mexico. Add it to your bucket list, friends. I’ve been to a couple of beaches in Australia and beaches in Italy myself, and they really beautiful and offer quite a different experience than here.


No Swimming – Scared Got Shark 

Jaws was an incredible film, but it really ingrained people with a deep deep fear of sharks. And it’s lasted all these years! A whopping 38% of Singaporean beachgoers would avoid swimming entirely, even on a beautiful beach, because they fear shark attacks. The same quirk is shared by our neighbours in Malaysia and Hong Kong who are the most afraid of all the countries surveyed.

I’m glad we don’t have to worry about sunburn too much. Outside of Asia, sunburn was a big fear. In the words of that famous song, Always. Wear. Sunscreen.



There you go! Now itchy backside? Go book your next beach getaway. On Expedia.com.sg of course :)