Back in your flat, you put on those skinny jeans and strike on a solid winged eyeliner, looking glamorous and super ready to charm whichever handsome fella gets seated next to you on the long flight out of Singapore to holiday heaven.

6 hours x infinity later, strapped in and kept awake by the surrounding legion of Ah Peks yelling across aisles to their merry band of mahjong kakis, you just cannot wait to get off the plane rocking this transformative look — heavy-lidded smudgey panda eyes, keropok-dry skin, and a sexy out-of-bed tuft of hair at the back of your head. Chio bo?

To avoid the horrors of arriving at your holiday destination looking like a Pontianak, Reebonz style gurus have put together some key beauty tips to prepare for a long flight. A little bit of preparation goes a long way to keep you feeling comfortable and looking presentable! Here’s a preview of the tips as part of the Reebonz x Expedia: Jet Set Style Series series. Follow the link at the end to read the the full list of tips on Reebonz style files. jetsetexpedia

Skin: Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

Must-Haves: Moisturizers or body cream, hydrating mask, eye cream, lip balm

Load up on moisture. Pack a small bottle of body cream or moisturizer for a flight as the lack of oxygen on a plane could dehydrate your skin to a considerable amount. One tip is to ask for a damp towel and pat it onto your skin before applying body cream or moisturizer. That way, your body can better absorb and retain moisture, keeping your skin hydrated for a longer time. If you are on a long flight, use a hydrating mask for your face to get that extra moisture you’ll definitely need.

Concealers and Cosmetic Pouches

Hallelujah for concealers! Just in case you pass Aaron Aziz or Takeshi Kaneshiro in the airport (Uhm, they’re still hot right? I’m a little out of touch…)

Keep it in a pretty travel cosmetic pouch so it’s easy to reach when you rummage through your bag on the plane. Here’s a cute one perfect for the job!


Sample Sized 2-in-1 Products

If you don’t enjoy being frisked by burly airport security, we highly recommend only bringing sample sized beauty products in your hand-carry.

Keep your hand carry light by picking and packing products that serve dual purposes. Think tinted moisturizers, or using your lipstick as a blusher. More products and tips from Reebonz in the full article.

They See Me Rollin’

Pack it all into a chic suitcase that’s easy to roll around to save yourself the trouble of huffing and puffing into the kuali-face hall of fame. Reebonz wanderlusting style queens recommend the Rimowa Salsa Air Cabin Mini Multiwheel to travel with ease.


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