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8 Hotels for A Cheap Family Staycation in Singapore, From $123 Per Night

Singaporeans are well-known for being foodies, but we’re also quickly becoming a nation of staycationists. That’s no surprise perhaps, since we’re well-trained to be pragmatic and be on the lookout for greater convenience and time-savings. So what better way to ease the stress from our hectic lifestyles that than to have a holiday right in …

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Balestier Heritage Trail Part II: Playing ‘Local Tourist’ Exploring Singapore History

Did you know that Singapore played an important role in Sun Yat Sen’s revolutionary movement in China? I had no clue! I only discovered this over a weekend exploring the Balestier Heritage Trail. Can’t say I’ve had any excuse to visit Balestier before, it’s actually quite interesting if you pay attention. Particularly if you enjoy history and …

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Balestier Peranakan Buildings
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Balestier Heritage Trail Part I: Playing ‘Local Tourist’ for a Weekend of Good Food

For anyone who is a foodie with a taste for Singaporean dishes, mark the Balestier Heritage Trail on your map of places to go for fatty-bom-bom weekend adventures. As the name suggests, the Balestier heritage trail features a stretch of buildings that have an interesting role in our country’s history — old temples, film studios and traditional …

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Hotel Vagabond Review – Luxury, Art & Rhinoceros

Check-in over a golden rhino’s back. Get lifted up to your room between two grand tusked elephants. Have dinner under a golden tree, its resplendence fanning out across the ceiling. Sip cocktails face-to-face with a gold monkey as poised as a Pharaoh. Art richly colours every space of Hotel Vagabond, elevating the boutique hotel into an almost theatrical space for …

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