If you spent your 2018 travelling to places you haven’t been to, good on ya! But if you are constantly going back to the same old places, it’s time to explore new cities in the new year. There’s a whole world out there! As your New Year resolutions start to slide into oblivion, hopefully, these places will ignite your travel hunger strong enough that at least some resolutions get fulfilled. Here are some of the most interesting and best places to visit in 2019.

The Best Places to Visit in 2019

1) Sicily, Italy: For a family gastronomical and historical trip

Sicily is famously associated with the Godfather movies, so get ready to discover all the Godfather locations in Sicily by signing up for a Godfather tour. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the Godfather movies, Sicily holidays still offers plenty of historical and natural beauty such as the ruined ancient city of Akragas or Mount Etna, the hyperactive volcano in Sicily. Mount Etna is slowly sliding into the sea, so you don’t really have all the time in the world!

Seafood dishes in Sicily, Italy

Food to try in Sicily

Authentic gelato from Caffe Sicilia, pasta with sea urchin from Da Vittorio

Recommended Hotels in Sicily

Budget Hotel: Artemisia Palace Hotel

Mid-range Hotel: Liberty Hotel

Luxurious Hotel: Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo

2) Da Nang, Vietnam: For a romantic couple trip

Scenes of Da Nang, Vietnam

A castle in the sky is not only in your imagination because you can find it in Da Nang! The French village in Ba Na Hills is a massive castle complex complete with a cable car, an indoor theme park and a roller coaster around the mountain. Other popular destinations are the Marble Mountains that house caves and tunnels as well as the Golden Bridge “held by a pair of stone hands”.

Skyline and water in Da Nang, Vietnam

Food to try in Da Nang

Mi quang (noodle with proteins, and rice crackers with sesame seeds, and tons of chilli!) from Mi Quang Que and banh beo (cwee kueh) from Banh Beo Ba Be

Recommended Hotels in Da Nang

Budget Hotel: The Herriott Hotel & Suite

Mid-range Hotel: Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills

Luxurious Hotel: Vinpearl Luxury Da Nang

3) Isfahan, Iran: For an off-the-beaten-path solo trip

Attractions in Isfahan, IranCC BY 2.0/Ninara

Iran is too huge to conquer in one trip, but Isfahan will be a great starting point. Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, also known as the Shah Square, is a royal square where the blue-tiled Imam Mosque and the Ali Qapu Palace are located. Step into the Insta-worthy Nasir ol molk Mosque (Pink Mosque) during the day. The beautiful stained glasses filter the rushing sunray, creating multicolour shadows on the mosque floors — no two photos of the Pink Mosque are ever the same!

Stained glass at Nasir ol molk Mosque, Iran CC BY 2.0/Liz Olson

Food to try in Isfahan:

lamb kabab from Shahrzad Restaurant, tea from Azadegan Tea House

Hotels in Isfahan

Hotels in Iran are rarely available online. Reserve your stay via a phone call.

4) Bucharest, Romania: For a budget family trip

Attractions in Bucharest, Romania

Surrounded by the Lake Snagov, Snagov Monastery was claimed to house the tomb of Vlad Tepes. Whether it’s true or not, the place still holds so much culture and history for you to explore. Head to the abandoned Constanta Casino overlooking the Black Sea and the ancient port at Constanta. Another must-visit is the Salina Turda, a massive underground salt mine that’s turned into a sci-fi theme park several hours away from Bucharest.

ciorba de burta from Casa Jienilor

Food to try in Bucharest:

Ciorba de burta from Casa Jienilor, geese meat sarmale from Hanu Lui Manuc

Recommended Hotels in Bucharest:

Budget Hotel: Monte Carlo Palace Rooms

Mid-range Hotel: Grand Boutique Hotel

Luxurious Hotel: Epoque Hotel – Relais & Chateaux

5) La Paz, Bolivia: For an adventurous trip with friends

Salt flats in La Paz, Bolivia

When you are planning La Paz holidays, arrange for a day trip to Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat that also serves as a reflective canvas after a short rain. If you are into peculiar souvenirs, head to The Witches’ Market for weird items used for Aymara rituals — think about llama fetuses and aphrodisiac formulas. Adventurous souls should sign up for the Death Road bike tour to conquer Yungas Road, the most dangerous road in the world.

Llama fetuses at The Witches’ Market, La Paz

Food to try in La Paz

Anticucheros (grilled cow’s heart) from Anticuchera near Plaza San Pedro and saltenas (Bolivian pastries filled with peas, potatoes, carrots, and meat) from Pacena la Saltena

Recommended Hotels in La Paz

Budget Hotel: Cruz de los Andes Hostal

Mid-range Hotel: Rio Selva Resort Aranjuez

Luxurious Hotel: Casa Grande Suites

6) Guilin, China: For a family-friendly trip

Natural wonders in Guilin, China

The colourful karst rock formation in the Reed Flute Cave, Guilin should be your next destination in China. Another option to explore the karst formation is by cruising down Li River. Besides karst mountains, Guilin is also famous for the Longji Terraced Fields, a rice paddy field shaped like a dragon’s backbone.

Longji Terraced Fields in Guilin

Food to try in Guilin

Guilin rice noodles from Rice Noodles Pub and Yangshuo beer fish from Guilin Boy Domestic Food

Recommended Hotels in Guilin:

Budget Hotel: Dragon’s Den Hostel in Longji Rice Terraces

Mid-range Hotel: Secret Courtyard Resort Hotel

Luxurious Hotel: Li-An Lodge

7) Hawaii, United States: For a romantic honeymoon trip

Scenes of Hawaii

After the Kilauea’s terrifying eruption in May 2018, Hawaii starts welcoming tourists again. Go for the Jurassic Park Tour to explore Kualoa Ranch where the Jurassic Park’s first movie was filmed at. Besides the blackwater dive that features unique deepwater creatures, Hawaii is also famously known for the Pearl Harbour, whose attack led the United States to World War II.

Crashing waves in Hawaii, USA

Food to try in Hawaii

Poke bowls from Da Poke Shack and luau (taro leaves) stew from Mission Houses Cafe

Recommended Hotels in Hawaii:

Budget Hotel: Kilauea Hospitality Group

Mid-range Hotel: Alas Del Kealoha

Luxurious Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

8) Marrakech, Morocco: For an Insta-worthy trip

Attractions in Marrakech, Morocco

As Game of Thrones is coming to a close with its final season in April 2019, fellow hardcore fans can still rekindle the nostalgia when visiting Ait Ben Haddou aka “Yunkai the Yellow City” not too far from Marrakech. There are also many beautiful Marrakech attractions and culturally-rich buildings such as the Koutoubia Mosque, Bahia Palace and Ben Youssef Madrasa. For a unique experience, stay in a riad, a traditional Morrocan hometown with an interior courtyard.

Colourful streets in Marrakech

Food to try in Marrakech

Chicken tagine (stews) from Al Fassia and bastilla (meat pastry) from Cafe Clock

Recommended Hotels in Marrakech

Budget Hotel: Riad Atlas Prestige

Mid-range Hotel: Riad Al Anouwar

Luxurious Hotel: Palais Riad Lamrani

9) Taveuni Island, Fiji: For a family’s back-to-nature trip

Sunset over water on Taveuni Island, Fiji

Taveuni Island may be an underrated island in Fiji, but it has so many things to offer. Dive into the Somosomo Strait for a chance to catch a glimpse of leopard sharks or explore the lush tropical rainforest in Bouma National Park to find plenty of scenic waterfalls. Hike the De Voeux Peak and discover Lake Tagimaucia, a crystal clear crater lake in Taveuni Island.

Sea life in the waters of Taveuni Island

Food to try in Taveuni Island

Fish curry from Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages and fish and chips from Kai Time Restaurant & Bar

Recommended Hotels in Taveuni Island

Budget Hotel: Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat

Mid-range Hotel: Paradise Taveuni

Luxurious Hotel: Tides Reach Resort

10) Bagan, Myanmar: For a budget couple trip

Hot air balloons in the skies of Bagan, Myanmar

Rent a bike to hop between hundreds of temples scattered around Bagan. Though climbing is no longer allowed, the local government has introduced designated sunrise and sunset points. For a romantic experience, get into a hot air balloon to witness the most beautiful sunrise or sunset in Bagan. Alternatively, take a relaxing boat ride on Irrawaddy River during sunset.

Fresh salad in Bagan

Food to try in Bagan:

Tea leaf salad from Bibo and aubergine curry from Be Kind to Animals The Moon

Recommended Hotels in Bagan:

Budget Hotel: Nanda Garden Hotel

Mid-range Hotel: Ananta Bagan Hotel

Luxurious Hotel: Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan

Ditch your boring itinerary to night markets in Bangkok or beaches in Bali for something more adventurous and unique with our pick of the best places to visit in 2019. Your resolutions for this year are pretty much sorted!