The airline gods have spoken. Skytrax, One Mile At A Time, and Condé Nast Traveler have ranked the best airline lounges, each complete with a unique traveling experience. From the rankings of these three sites, 6 first class airline lounges have emerged victors. And we are equally impressed. Food, ambiance, and lounge-to-gate accessibility are some of the many factors in these rankings.

In no particular order, the best first class airline lounges are…


1) Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt Airport

The first entry on this list goes to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. That’s right. Not lounge. Terminal.

A short walk away from the main terminal (you may drive directly to its main entrance), the First Class Terminal. Friendly staff with be ready to greet you, showing you to the gorgeous lounge area, with some seats boasting a view of the tarmac.

Frankfurt  - World's Best Airline LoungesThe lounge in Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal in Frankfurt / Source: Lufthansa


Its excellent food is provided by Do & Co, a famed catering service, and pairs well with the many wines and drinks you can get from their fully-stocked bar. The FCT also houses a cigar room for aficionados.

 - World's Best Airline LoungesThe First Class Terminal’s Cigar Lounge / Source: Lufthansa

Should you wish to relax and unwind, Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal also offers private nap rooms (these are snatched up very quickly!) as well as more public resting spaces. Additionally, freshen up in their private bathrooms, complete with a bathtub. You get a Lufthansa rubber deck as a souvenir!

Right when your flight begins to board, you will be brought to the departure level by one of the attentive staff members. The First Class Terminal offers the First-Class Car Service where you will then be driven directly to your plane.

Talk about luxury.


Flights to Frankfurt from Singapore are on average 13 hours long for direct flights.


2) Thai Airways “Royal Orchid” First Class Lounge, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Thai Airways  - World's Best Airline LoungesThe Royal Orchid First Class Lounge / Source: Thai Airways

The Thai Airways Royal Orchid First Class Lounge in the Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is another one the world’s premiere first class lounges. Your check-in process will be assisted by an incredibly attentive staff member. Soon after, you will be whisked away by one of a buggy towards the Royal Orchid First Class Lounge.

The buffet at The Royal Orchid First Class Lounge / Source: Thai Airways

The First Class Lounge has the usual buffet and a la carte dining room, which features an assortment of dishes from around the world, with a focus on Thai food. Should you wish to unwind and relax before your flight, you may take a bath at one of the lounge’s private bathrooms.

The Royal Orchid Spa / Source: Thai Airways

The real star of this airline lounge however, is the Royal Orchid Spa, which provides first class passengers with a choice between two 60 minute-long massages: the “Touch of Silk” full body oil massage which is similar to a traditional Swedish massage, or the “Royal Thai Massage” which is more similar to a traditional Thai massage, with Thai acupressure to stimulate circulation. Note that business class passengers will only be eligible for 30 minute-long neck & shoulder or foot massages.

The Royal Orchid Spa walkway / Source: Thai Airways

Raved about by travel publications, the Royal Orchid Spa is definitely not to be missed.

Flights to Bangkok from Singapore are on average 2h 30min long.

3) Air France First Class “La Première Lounge”, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Air France Charles de Gaulle  - World's Best Airline Lounges Source: Air France

Air France’s La Première Airline Lounge features uniquely designed partitions that provide guests with a sense of privacy.

As soon as your plane lands in Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport, Air France’s First Class La Première Car Service will take you directly from your seat to the La Première Lounge. You may relax on the many semi-private seats, and even take a nap on some of the day beds in the relaxation area.

La Première Lounge’s Biologique Recherche Centre / Source: Air France

Great service is a hallmark of the La Première Lounge, so expect to be pampered. The lounge’s Biologique Recherche centre allows you to enjoy personalized spa treatments to relax and recharge you for your flight ahead. A deluxe treatment indeed. Definitely up there among the world’s best airline lounges.

If relaxing is not your thing, and you’d much rather get to work, La Première boasts workstations and business centres, designed with a simplistic and modern aesthetic.

 The buffet options at the La Première Lounge / Source: Air France

French food is in a league of its own.For a quick bite, you can also enjoy the lounge’s wide range of buffet options for a satisfying snack. However, be sure to leave space for La Première’s restaurant. Curated by chef Alain Ducasse, La Première’s restaurant provides an exquisite fine dining experience. The lounge’s food has been praised endlessly and remains one of its strongest selling points.

As soon as your flight is ready for boarding, you will be taken directly to the tarmac in La Première’s Car Service, to round out a truly exquisite lounge experience.

Flights to Paris from Singapore are on average about 14 hours for a direct flight, or 16-20 hours with one stopover.

4) Cathay Pacific “The Pier, First” Airline Lounge, Hong Kong International Airport

Before departing from Hong Kong on your first class flight, make sure to head to the airport ahead of time to enjoy the offerings of Cathay Pacific’s The Pier, First Class Lounge. Located at Gate 63, The Pier is ideal for serving passengers boarding at the North West Concourse.

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong  - World's Best Airline LoungesThe Pier’s Hallway, which features an impressive architectural design / Source: Cathay Pacific

The first thing you will note in the lounge is its impressive architectural design. Designed with domestic comfort and warmth in mind, the lounge is furnished to relax passengers by emulating the idea of a real home. Additionally, contemporary Asian touches have been included to reflect the style and aesthetic of Hong Kong.

Furniture and seating in The Pier have been purposefully arranged and curated for sense of home / Source: Cathay Pacific

A recurring, but no less impressive, feature in across the first class lounges is The Pier’s Day Suits in the lounge’s Retreat area. The suite’s daybed allows guests to rest in their own private relaxation area, and provides a view of the runway.

Destress with a foot massage in The Pier’s Retreat area / Source: Cathay Pacific

Providing relaxation to the passengers is The Pier’s highest priority. Passengers can destress with a foot massage or have a shower in some of The Retreat’s private bathrooms. The Aesop’s amenities are a huge boon.

For food options, The Pier’s Dining Room has à la carte-only services for a great fine dining experience. For something lighter if you’re feeling peckish, The Pantry is fully stocked with pastries, snacks, and drinks to tide you over.

The Pier’s Pantry is fully stocked with snacks, pastries and fruit to tide you over / Source: Cathay Pacific

Lastly, The Pier also features the Cathay signature scent: a blend of lavender, bamboo, green tea, and jasmine, the iconic scent is instantly recognizable and comforts the senses. A wonderful touch for a full, luxurious sensorial experience.

Flights to Hong Kong from Singapore are on average 4 hours long for direct flights.

5) Qantas International First Lounge, Sydney International Airport

With so many offerings in Sydney, you may not have set aside time to enjoy their first class lounge. So make sure you do! Head to the Sydney International Airport ahead of time to enjoy one of the world’s best first class lounges: the Qantas International First Lounge.

The excellent architectural design of the lounge is immediately apparent. Passengers are provided with a sprawling view of the runway for some great plane-watching.

Qantas Lounge Sydney  - World's Best Airline LoungesQantas International First Lounge’s dining room boasts a menu designed by Neil Perry /  Source: Qantas

Another standout feature is its dining room. With a menu designed by Neil Perry, passengers are guaranteed a gastronomically excellent experience. Make sure to set aside some stomach space for the dining room. Don’t stuff yourself too much on their wide array of buffet options in their self-serve bars!

Source: Qantas

Enjoy your spa amidst the luscious green forestry for a truly relaxing experience.

If you’d rather take some time to unwind before your meal, the Qantas First Lounge also houses a spa. Once again, design plays a key role. The spa’s walls are lusciously decorated with leaves and plants: its like you’re being massaged in a forest. Enjoy your spa in your private and luscious oasis.

Some of the products used by the spa. Fancy / Source: Qantas

Freshen up at their private shower rooms before your flight with their Kevin Murphy toiletries. Enjoy your flight!

Flights to Sydney from Singapore are on average about 7h 30min for direct flights.


6) Emirates A380 First Class Lounge, Dubai International Airport

Like its Burj Khalifa, everything really is bigger in Dubai.

Of course, its first class lounges aren’t any different. Dubai International Airport’s A380 Hub houses Emirates’ humongous First Class Lounge. It spans the entire concourse of the A380 terminal. 1,800 seats. That’s more than some airports have.

Emirates Lounge Dubai  - World's Best Airline Lounges   Source: Emirates

An exclusive feature of the Emirates A380 First Class Lounge has is that it allows direct lounge-to-plane boarding, where the first class gates are within the lounge itself. Talk about exclusive. Each boarding gate is also furnished with comfortable seats as well as a light buffet.

You can experience their cigar room, or nap in semi-berths in their sleeping rooms, or even play video games in some of their child-friendly stations. Keep in mind that there’s an a la carte menu throughout the lounge and the staff can bring you anything from wherever you are. Wow.

Emirates Airline Lounge Childrens Room  - World's Best Airline Lounges  Source: Emirates

The many duty-free shops within the First Class Lounge provides passengers with a ultra-luxurious and exclusive shopping experience. To be further spoiled by the offerings of the lounge, head over to their Timeless Spa which not only offers massages and spa treatments, but even hair and nail services as well.

      Source: Emirates

Are you ready to be pampered yet?

Flights to Dubai from Singapore are on average about 7h 30 min for a direct flight.