Once a city that had to endure a brutal dictatorship, Berlin’s dark past gives it a unique story to tell. To immerse yourself in Berlin’s rich history, some popular places to visit are the Jewish Museum, the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Topography of Terror.

Today, Berlin is frequently referred to as the party capital of Europe, mainly due to its abundance of budget-friendly drinks and world-class beer. Foodies from all over the world also come to taste Berlin’s staple dishes such as Currywurst and Turkish Döner kebabs.

Dark history and alcoholic drinks aside, Berlin is also home to several Instagrammable spots. If you’re planning a trip to Berlin, make sure you visit these 7 Insta-worthy hotels!

Insta-Worthy Hotels in Berlin

1) Bikini Berlin by 25hours Hotel


Located in the heart of western Berlin, the Bikini Berlin is just 5 minutes away from Berlin Zoological Garden and Berlin Aquarium. This hotel boasts a distinctly industrial design, accented by greenhouse plants at every corner. The lobby gives off both a rustic and industrial feel with its exposed ducting and turquoise/light yellow motif. Their hammocks are the perfect place to take a selfie as warm, natural lighting enters the floor-to-ceiling windows.





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2) Hotel Zoo Berlin


Built as a private residence in 1891 and remodeled into a hotel 20 years later, Hotel Zoo Berlin provides a luxury stay near Kurfürstendamm, the best shopping street in Berlin. It is also only a 10-minute drive away from Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, and the Berlin Wall. Its glamorous interior is the brainchild of two Hollywood designers, Dayna Lee and Ted Berner. Upon entering, you’re greeted by an iconic jade-green carpet woven with leopards. The lobby’s high ceilings, huge windows, and an elegant chandelier that hangs over a glassed-in fireplace will easily enchant any visitor.






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3) Sir Savigny Hotel Berlin


In the same neighborhood, you can find Sir Savigny Hotel Berlin, located within 10 minutes of Kurfürstendamm. It is also near the Theatre of the West, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, and Europa Centre. The luxurious hotel interior is inspired by culture and filled with eclectic décor. Every room features tailor-made furniture and custom lightings. It also features incredible wall art from local artist, Katharina Musick. If bathroom selfies are your thing, we highly recommend taking one in the hotel’s uniquely-designed bathtub.






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4) Mercure Hotel Berlin Wittenbergplatz


Mercure Hotel Berlin Wittenbergplatz is just within 15 minutes of Kurfürstendamm, Berlin Zoological Garden, and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Surrounded by the beautiful neighbourhoods of Schöneberg, this Insta-worthy hotel aims to wow visitors with its aesthetic alone. Heavily influenced by haute couture, its walls are lined with photos of models and painted with women in iconic clothing. Despite having a generally grungy, monochromatic aesthetic, there are charming pops of colours all throughout the hotel.





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5) MOXY Berlin Humboldthain Park


A fixture in central Berlin, MOXY Berlin Humboldthain Park is close to Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Zoo, Alexanderplatz, Gesundbrunnen and Charlottenburg Palace. This hotel is tastefully decorated with brightly-coloured and mismatched furniture. Adopting a bohemian style, the lounge is rich with patterns and vibrant colors. The charming printed throw pillows and carpets give off a very warm, cosy vibe. This also means you have several props to choose from to jazz up your Instagram photos!






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6) MEININGER Hotel Berlin Tiergarten


MEININGER Hotel Berlin Tiergarten is also a part of central Berlin. It is close to Tiergarten Park, Bellevue Palace, Victory Column, Reichstag Building, and Berlin Zoological Garden. The magnificent brick building was once a brewery with high chimneys. Inspired by its fascinating history, the interior design includes both 19th-century industrial components and modern elements. The warm lighting and colours accentuate the beauty of the hotel and brighten up the whole area, making for an ideal location for your next OOTD shot.





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7) Almodóvar Hotel


If you are looking for a spa hotel, head to eastern Berlin for the Almodóvar Hotel. Its nearby attractions include the Oberbaum Bridge, Mercedes-Benz Arena, East Side Gallery, and Alexanderplatz. The hotel banners a sustainable and ecological model, and offers a safe haven away from the city’s busy streets. All the rooms are spacious and furnished with handpicked paintings and solid wood furniture. If you’re looking for a minimalist vibe, the Almodóvar Hotel is the place for you!






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The city of Berlin is an intriguing mesh of history and modern culture. This unique juxtaposition definitely makes it an Insta-worthy location. If you want to discover more about Berlin’s attractions and the best vacation deals, be sure to browse this travel guide and start planning your next trip!


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