Yoga has become increasingly popular worldwide — that also means more and more places to practice yoga are popping up, but the only gripe is that it could be hard to find classes of consistent quality. However, there are still beautiful, serene, traditional cities all around the world with loads to offer in terms of yoga. It’s definitely a change from sitting on that yoga mat in your local dance studio. Each city has a unique feature mentioned so that everyone will be able to find something they love!

Chart your own eat, pray, love journey

1) Munger, Bihar, India

Munger in Bihar, India CC by 2.0 / José Morcillo Valenciano

Munger in Bihar, India may not seem like such a yoga haven at a glance. This is definitely not true! Bihar School of Yoga sees yoga as a lifestyle rather than a mere hobby. Here, you can learn and practice tons of types of yoga. And it doesn’t stop there. You are encouraged to help in the garden, to cook and clean with everyone else!

However, if you are not into such work, there are many other great places for yoga in Munger! Munger also offers Inspiring India Retreat, a beautiful yoga centre to experience mantra chants and awakening the potential in you.

For those on a budget, it would be best to stay at Hotel Viraat Inn. For those who don’t mind paying a bit more to be closer to tourist attractions, Hotel Galaxy Intercontinental is a lovely choice.

2)  Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

ubud, bali, indonesiaCC by 2.0 / Matt Oldfield

There is no way that Ubud in Bali, Indonesia is not on this list. Ubud is an absolute haven for yoga enthusiasts. Here, you can find amazing places like Yoga Barn, the largest yoga studio in Ubud known for its peaceful retreat amidst the greeneries of Ubud.

If you prefer something more modern yet homey, Radiantly Alive may be a great spot for you. To complement your active lifestyle, feed yourself with nutritious meals from restaurants around Ubud. You can easily find a number of vegetarian restaurants and smoothies bars.

A great budget hotel in Ubud would be Rumah Lada, and it even sits close to many places of interest. For a more luxurious stay, Samsara Ubud is an excellent place to stay in the city centre.

3) Kep, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Kep in Krong Kaeb, CambodiaCC BY-SA 3.0 by / JJ Harrison

Kep in Krong Kaeb, Cambodia has some quite amazing places to offer dedicated to yoga and its experience. Vagabond Temple is an amazingly beautiful spiritual retreat surrounded by green, which bases its teachings on individual needs. It is an ideal place for people who are looking for healing.

The Vine Retreat is smaller than Vagabond Temple, but you will be mesmerised by its lush farmland and garden pods to rest. If you are looking for an escape in between your break from yoga, you can conquer multiple hiking trails at Kep National Park or bask in the sun at Kep Beach.

Those on a budget will be very happy to stay at Onederz Khmer House, quite close to a few tourist attractions you can stop by in between yoga sessions. If you wish to pamper yourself with a more posh hotel, Palace Gate Hotel is a good choice.

4) Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan in ThailandCC BY 2.0 / Stefan Magdalinski

Koh Phangan in Thailand is one of Thailand’s biggest islands, about 70km from the mainland. This makes it a charming, and peaceful place to visit, and that is perfect for yoga! It just so happens that there are loads of yoga centres on this island too.

The Sanctuary is a stunningly beautiful environment, with extra courses and workshops about arts and crafts to give you more beyond yoga.

Another popular place is the Orion Healing Centre that conducts various types of yoga classes as well as weight loss programs and colonic cleansing with juice detoxes to make sure you feel holistically wonderful. If you are tired of attending classes, hit the white sandy beaches around Koh Phangan to have your own yoga meditation. The crashing waves and the cooling breeze will help to channel your inner peace during meditation.

Nature Home is a perfect place to stay for those on a bit of a budget! Haadrin Resort is slightly more pricey, but is closer to the beach.

5)  Ispica, Ragusa, Italy

Ispica, Ragusa, ItalyCC 0 / TooMuchCoffeeMan

If you want to get a change from the Asian scenery, Ispica in Ragusa, Italy should be on your bucket list as a yogi. The two must-visit yoga studio there are Floripa Kitesurf and Yoga House. On top of the different yoga classes, this place also offers beach and water activities such as surfing. So rest assured that you will never run out of fun activities here!

However, do take note that this place may be less peaceful as compared to other sites on the list. For those who wish to strike a balance of fun, Floripa Kitesurf and Yoga House would be great! During your break, you can explore the town to marvel at the beautiful old architecture such as Torre Cabrera. You can even strike some yoga poses in front of these buildings to show them off on Instagram.

Villa Rosa, situated near ski slopes, is ideal for a budget stay while Villa Zammarra is more suitable for those with a bigger budget.

Ragusa, Italy!

6) San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala

Ispica, Ragusa, ItalyCC BY 2.0 / Jon Hurd

This may not be the first place that pops up in your mind when looking for a yoga retreat, but San Marcos la Laguna in Guatemala is possibly the top of my bucket list. The Yoga Forest — my favourite of all — is located in the mountains of San Marcos la Laguna on Lake Atitlan, overlooking three volcanoes. It is a place that genuinely feels magical and pure, tucked away in a tropical forest. For those seeking a magical getaway, you can’t miss this beautiful retreat. You certainly won’t regret going to San Marcos la Laguna, as this yoga haven also features Storyteller Within Woman’s Retreats, for those with a writing bone in their body and those who seek a peaceful place to write, do yoga, be inspired, and relax. It is a sacred place for women to reclaim their inner voice. If you are adventurous, spend some time cycling around Lake Atitlan to admire at the beauty of nature.

For a strategic location, Tequila Sunrise Bed and Breakfast is a lovely and cheap stay! If you’re hoping for a bit more peace, pay a bit extra to stay at Hotel Casa San Bartolo.

Fly me to San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala!

Yoga is a beautiful and healing discipline. It truly changes people for the better and can bring life and joy and healing to the most broken of people. Only with the right place and time, you can get the most out of yoga. The good news is there are hundreds of thousands of cities all over the world that can help you with that. It’s time to heal!