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Escape the ordinary and discover the far far away. Don your explorers hat and wander beyond the popular destinations in Asia to experience truly foreign cultures, different seasons and adventures farther out there. From remote islands to cool cities not as commonly visited by the Asian traveller, this is for those of us who really want to experience the world. discover-travel

Markthal Interior - Rotterdam
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Rotterdam: The Eccentric Hidden Gem of Netherlands

Rotterdam is the modern city cousin of Amsterdam. With eccentric architectural marvels such as the Cube Houses, Markthal, Witte Huis, and Euromast, Rotterdam is every architect’s dream. Beyond the innovative buildings and skyscrapers, Rotterdam’s calendar is full of festivals and cultural events. Fun Things to Explore Rotterdam 1) Indulge in Surinamese-Indonesian fusion food on Witte …

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Travel Diary: Tana Toraja, A Land Rich in Tradition for the Dead

Tana Toraja, a highland region of Southern Sulawesi in Indonesia, is an underexplored land with an experience beyond belief. Aside from beautiful mountainous scenery and intricate Tongkonan architecture, Toraja is a place where death is not only embraced but also celebrated elaborately and lavishly.Tongkonan traditional house, which features a roof shaped like an upturned boat …

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