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Flip flop down to the beaches in Southeast Asia, islands in the Pacific or journey to the legendary beaches on the other side of the world. Not just to watch girls surf in bikinis and bearded men lift their crossfitting kettlebells. Discover which islands are the best for diving, where the most popular beach resorts are frequented by Singaporeans, hidden gems with private villas and family-friendly beaches to enjoy a weekend beach holiday getaway.

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Enjoying a Weekend in Lombok – Itinerary

Often overlooked by travellers who’ve been lured to neighbouring Bali, Lombok is a somewhat quieter cousin, sitting pretty well away from mass tourism but allowing visitors to truly unwind among equally stunning rolling rice paddies, mountains and sparkling waters. It has beautiful beaches, sunsets and amazing dive spots. If you’re pressed for time, here’s a …

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Island Hopping: Best Beaches in Thailand

Whether you’re a professional beach bum, passionate party animal, or active adventurer, the islands of Thailand’s beaches have you covered. Literally numbering in the hundreds, it might seem near impossible to choose which Thai island offers the best getaway. However, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Each has its own personality, its own …

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