Amsterdammers see their city mainly from the saddles of bikes, and you should too – it’s simply the best way to get around. Hire a bike tour in Amsterdam for a few hours or a few days and make your own discoveries. You could also choose to be led by a guide with insider knowledge on things to do in amsterdam, which he can show you while you whizz around on two wheels.

Whether you join a public group tour, book a tailor-made private one, or just ride out on your own, Amsterdam is best explored on two wheels.

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Self-guided Amsterdam Bike Tour


If a bike could design a city, it would probably look a lot like Amsterdam. There are lots of safe and separate bike paths that make the city super accessible. The land is flat as a pannekoek (Dutch pancake). The only bumps you’ll encounter consist of the many (many) picturesque bridges over the city’s hundred plus kilometres of canals.

Map out your own tour to explore what’s on in the city. Hire a bike for a few days and live like a local as each day becomes a bike tour. Having a bike also gives you the flexibility of exploring things of personal interest to you. Tip:  Always ride on the right

Freewheel your way to some of the top attractions in Amsterdam — The famous floating flower market Bloemenmarkt, Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark and Skinny Bridge. Or cycle into history at the bohemian Jordaan quarter, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and Rembrandt’s house.

There are heaps of options, but wherever you go remember to ride on the right!


Dutch Bike Rentals in Amsterdam


All bike rentals offer theft insurance and helmets – here’s a few bike rental places to get you started:


Cost: €8.5 per 3 hours and €12.75 per 24 hours

Hire pedal brake, hybrids and even tandem and electric bikes at MacBike.

More info:

Yellow Bike

Cost: €12 per 24 hours

Yellow Bike was the first bike rental company in Amsterdam – you’ll see them everywhere.

More info:

Mike’s Bikes

Cost: €7 euro 4 hours and €10 per 24 hours

Mike’s bikes have no advertising on them so you can ride around and pretend you live there.

More info:

Organised Amsterdam Bike Toursbike-divider

Group Bike

There are more than half a million cyclists and almost as many bike tour possibilities: architecture and art, food and photographic, museums and markets. There should be something to appeal to most interests!

See all the sights shepherded by knowledgeable local guides from each of the major bike tour and hire companies: Yellow Bikes, Joy Ride, Mike’s Bikes, Wheely Dutch Bike Tours and King Bikes, to name but a few. Check out their websites for rates.

Here are some of our favourite bike tours.


Amsterdam City Tours Culinary Bike Tour

Culinary Tour Credit: Amsterdam City Tours 

Stopping means eating on this tour. You’ll be introduced to bitterballen, a little ball of savoury meat and then get to try the famous Dutch pickled herring. Vegetarians can taste stamppot, another traditional dish where veggies are mashed. Wash it down with a Jenever, a juniper-flavoured liquors that is the national drink.

Cost: €37.50 per person per 3 hours

More info:

Hungry Birds Bike Tour

Go on a two-wheeled food adventure with around 10 different tastings and drinks. You’ll visit street vendors, markets and cafes. Meet the local food makers, try their specialties and hear their stories.

Cost: €59 per person excluding bike hire per 4 hours

Architecture Bike Tour

Amsterdam is steeped in history and exploring by bike is a great way to see the city’s architecture. The unique thing about this bike tour is that the guides are architects or city planners who can arrange special access to many sites.

Cost: On application

Photo Safari Bike Tour

This bike tour is all about the perfect capture of your Amsterdam memories. Ride out with a local professional photographer who specialises in small groups and one-on-on instruction for every skill level and device, from your phone’s camera to DSLR.

Cost: €150 per person per 3 hours including bike hire

Private Bike Tour

For the deluxe experience, book a private guided tour. Receive expert advice, choose the sights you’d like to see, set your own pace and stop where and when you please.

Cost: €125 per two persons per 3 hours, additional 25 euro for each extra guest



You can also book your bike tours online along with other Amsterdam tours all in one place with, to design your dream trip yourself. We recommend getting the I Amsterdam City Card which gives you priority access to many of Amsterdam’s top attractions.

Amsterdam Tours and Tickets


So go on, jump on a bike! There really is no better way to see Amsterdam.


Photo Credits: Thinkstock