Sarah Billington is an author, blogger, pop culture junkie and animal lover with a perpetual travel bug. Watch out world, the travel bug is contagious and she’s not afraid to spread it.

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What’s your worst travel experience?

My worst was definitely arriving in Athens to begin an 8 day luxury Greek islands tour, then to be told that the booker hadn’t been paying their bills and we would have to pay €3000 in order to get back on the tour, with no guarantee of getting the money we had originally paid. We decided not to do it and contacted the company back home we had booked through. Before we could get to them due to the time difference, my travel mate was pickpocketed on the train and the hotel we picked for the night had bed bugs, cold showers and fleas. Ugh!

What’s your best travel experience?

Spending five nights in London and going to theatre shows on the West End five nights in a row, all thanks to the cheap ticket counters around Leicester Square. Every time I’m in London, I see a show. The tube makes it so easy to get around.

What’s your top travel destination and why?

When we did manage to get onto our Greek islands tour, Santorini was an absolute highlight. The main town of Fira and Oia are exactly like all of the gorgeous photos and postcards you’ve seen. It’s such a stunningly beautiful island, with permanent sea breeze and full of friendly locals.

Share a top travel tip

Buy one power adaptor for the country/s you’re visiting and bring a power board from home. This way, you can blow dry your hair, charge your phone, camera and tablet, etc. all at the same time from just one power outlet! You can thank me later.