Originally from the UK, Nick has spent the last ten years living and travelling in South East Asia where he has worked for numerous magazines, newspapers and websites as an editor and writer, covering everything from food to football and music to movies. Happiest rummaging through a box of vinyl, discovering a deserted beach or sampling some street food with a beer in hand, he hasn’t lost his incurable desire to find out what’s just around the corner.


What’s your worst travel experience?

Spending the weekend on a beautiful resort off the coast of Phuket, Thailand without a change of clothes because my luggage hadn’t shown up and a huge plaster cast on my broken leg, preventing me from enjoying the private pool.

What’s your best travel experience?

Too many to count, but the top would probably have to be lying in a hammock watching a troop of monkeys drink from the sink of the alfresco bathroom in my gorgeous banda at Kiwayu, Northern Kenya.

What’s your top travel destination and why?

Kenya, it’s got it all: spectacular wildlife, beautiful beaches and some simply amazing places to stay.

Share a travel tip with us

Always try and eat at least one meal street side, it gives you a different perspective on the place, usually tastes great and is an excellent way to get chatting to the locals.