Former Straits Times journalist, Karen left her full-time job to become a freelance writer so that she could pursue her other passion in life – yoga. She currently spends her days researching and writing travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles, teaching yoga, and sipping flat whites at cafes while planning her next trip.


What’s your worst travel experience?

Having my money stolen out of my hotel safe. It was a shock and an inconvenience, but I told myself that whoever went to such great lengths might have needed the money desperately, so I hoped that my loss provided some relief to someone else.

What’s your best travel experience?

Watching the sunrise over the summit of Mount Everest from the Tibetan base camp. With significantly fewer travellers on this side of the mountain – the other way to get to Everest via Nepal – I could, for the span of one sunrise, imagine that the grand mountain was mine and mine alone.

What’s your top travel destination and why?

Cinque Terra, Italy. Stunning coastal views, five quaint Italian villages to explore, fresh Italian food, and great wine with friendly locals. Need I say more?

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Invest in a portable hand-held weighing scale, so you won’t ever show up the airport with overweight baggage.