Amy McPherson is a blogger and freelance writer currently based in London, UK. She is a corporate slave who is a travel junkie at heart. Thanks to public holidays and annual leave allowances, she never passes up an opportunity to get out of the house, and only wishes she lived closer to the airport. She studied in Germany, met her husband while doing volunteering work in Peru and got married in Vanuatu. They have no plans to stop travelling yet, though their cats keep complaining about their frequent absences.


What’s your worst travel experience?

I hate coming home! That feeling as the plane finally lands and the captain announces a cheery “welcome home” is enough for me to jump back online to book another trip. Does that count as a travel experience?


What’s your best travel experience?

I would have to say, the 4 months I spent volunteering in Peru had been one of the best times of my travelling life. I can’t claim that I made any differences to the lives of those less fortunate, but I got to learn about myself, make new friends and even picked up a husband who didn’t mind that I hadn’t properly showered for 5 weeks. I mean, I think that’s got to be pretty epic.


What’s your top travel destination and why?

I love Malaysia, and by the number of entry and exit stamps from Malaysia in my passport, you’d think I lived there. I love the multicultural society and diverse environments in different parts of the country, not to mention the ridiculously amazing food that has me hungry every time I think about it.


My Top Travel Tip

Pack light. What you are missing you can often do without, or you can always make it up along the way!


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