Kasey Clark is the founder and editor of The Hungry Expat, an editorial-services business with an associated food, wine, and travel blog. She spent 18 years as a magazine editor, has freelanced for many years, and also works as a content strategist and senior editor.

When she’s not blogging, editing or strategising content, she enjoys dining out, travelling, and spending time with her husband and Shih Tzu.


What’s your worst travel experience?

I was working on my laptop on the plane when a flight attendant spilled a whole glass of water on it. I permanently lost a project that I’d spent countless hours on over the course of many months; the hard drive was fried, and I had to replace the computer.

What’s your best travel experience?

Travelling to Sydney, Australia from the US eight years ago with a girlfriend, where I ended up meeting my Australian husband. (Consequently, I permanently moved to Sydney six years ago.)

What’s your top travel destination and why?

Now, it’s the US to see family and friends I miss – Boston is still my favorite American city – and I eat the foods I can’t get in Australia!

Share a Travel Tip with us

Bring your own entertainment. Too many times, I’ve been on a longhaul flight – excited to sit back and take advantage of the in-flight entertainment – only to find that the plane’s system isn’t working (or at least the console in MY seat isn’t, and there isn’t a spare seat for the taking). Whether you stock up on magazines, download some great airplane reading for your Kindle or fill your tablet or iPad with some great flicks, it’s always good to have an entertainment back-up plan.