Meet Veera, our official Expedia travel blogger

Veera Bianca is a passionate travel professional, with an endless urge to roam the globe. She is a travel blogger who has spent most of her adventures wandering around Asia, which led to her blog being awarded the fancy title The Best Asia Blogger in Finland. Yes, Veera is originally from the cold north and is currently based there. Whenever on the road, she loves to explore the local street kitchens and sleep in quirky luxury hotels.


Travel Must Haves Favourite Places



Hong Kong – a home I miss daily!

Shanghai – love at first sight!

Goulburn (I know, you need a map to find it)


3 Worst Travel Experiences

Severe food poisoning in India

Breaking my spine in a horse riding accident in Australia

Flying through a super typhoon


3 Reasons Why I Still Love Travel

The world is exciting from an airplane window

Stories people share with me

I sleep better in hotel sheets


3 Travel Dreams Still on my Bucket List

Volunteer with elephants in Chiang Mai

Ride a horse across the Australian desert

See the sunrise at the Angkor Wat