Rebecca is the Travel Editor of this blog and several others in Asia that she runs for Expedia.

Creative soul. Writer. Traveller.

Rebecca is local — yes, never bluff lah. After graduating from NUS, she had a big adventure backpacking solo in New Zealand. She remains infinitely curious about the world. When not answering questions about her mixed background or the (apparently) endless wonders of curly hair, she enjoys going out to experience new places, learning new ways to see from citizens of the world and soaking in the beauty/nightmares of travel with random spontaneity or just chillin’ like a villain (but, like, a really nice villain).


Travel Must Haves Favourite Places Bucket List
Camera + External hard-drive
(to backup photos religiously)
Pulau Tioman, Malaysia
Copenhagen, Denmark
Nelson, New Zealand
Northern Lights
Glacier hike
Wildlife Safari
Maldives or Hawaii


Best Travel Experience 

Celebrating my birthday with friends halfway around the world who threw me an amazing Swedish crayfish party.

Craziest Thing I’ve Done

Bungee jumping on a whim.

Most Bizarre Experience

Sharing a mixed dorm with an elderly woman who was very comfortable hanging out butt naked, even though our roommates were young men. Particularly awkward when I was in my lower-bunk bed and opened my eyes to see her towel-drying her naked self right next to me. She topped that the next morning, having an eager conversation with me just as naked, but this time in the light of day.