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Whether she's reporting on the latest food trends or the hottest travel destinations, Marisse always gets to the heart of the matter. Over Marisse's decade-long writing career, her work has been published in some of the industry's leading magazines and websites. When she's not typing away at her computer, you can find Marisse exploring the globe, cooking delicious food, wandering in nature and spending quality time with her husband, two dogs and cat.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

How to Enjoy the Epicness of Travelling Iceland, on a Budget

If you’re a budget traveller looking to optimise your travel experiences, point your compass to Iceland this year. The main draw of this land is its natural beauty, which includes breathtaking thermal lagoons, natural light shows, geysers, glaciers and wildlife-spotting. Most of these attractions are gifts from Mother Nature – meaning that they’re completely free. Read …

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Ryusendo Cave

Get your Indiana Jones on in the 7 Most Spectacular Caves in Asia Pacific

Explorers and nature-lovers will naturally be drawn to caves. There’s something utterly mysterious and daunting about them at the same time. Crawling through long tunnels or sinking deep into the Earth, cave exploration brings out the epitome of adventure. From glowworm havens to 8-kilometre rivers flowing beneath mountains in the Philippines, we’ve compiled a list …

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