7 Day Taiwan Itinerary: Journey with Blogger Shanice Koh

Figuring out where to go and things to do in Taiwan? Take a tip or two from the 7 day Taiwan itinerary of Singapore blogger Shanice Koh. Here are some highlights of her journey, and you can follow the links to her Taiwan travel diaries below to follow her as she explores Taipei to Kaohsiung. 

My Trip to Taiwan

It isn’t my first time visiting Taiwan, and to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy my first visit. Perhaps it’s because it was with a tour group. My parents always prefer following a tour group, something my brothers and I are horrified by haha. So when this opportunity by Expedia came along, I wanted to give Taiwan a second chance, to see if it’d be a better experience without following a tour group.

And yes, it certainly was.


I was able to plan my own itinerary this time, and skip out the places that I have zero interest in. Own time own target, as we Singaporeans would say. I love the luxury of choosing to sleep in a little more instead of waking up early to board the tour bus everyday at 8 or 9am. I want to be able to decide for myself how long I should spend at each place.

I remember being given only 40 mins to finish the night market when we went with the tour group. That’s just ridiculous. I love being able to explore the local landscapes with various modes of transport, from cabs to the trains and public buses instead of just getting on and off the tour bus the whole trip.

I could go on and on about how one should never join a fixed tour group for an entire trip lol. But the main point here is, with Expedia, it’s easy to research and plan for your own itinerary. Why would you need a packaged tour group for? Booking online gives you everything you need, reviews of the attractions (from places of interest to where to eat, etc), and of course hotels and even tours! You can settle everything you need for your trip on Expedia Singapore. And that was what I used to plan this trip to Taiwan. ;)


Here’s my entire 7-Day Taiwan Itinerary:

Day 1: Taipei 

Land in Taipei > Train to Tainan

Day 2: Tainan 

Explore Tainan: Anping Fort, Anping Treehouse, Anping Old Street, Da Dong Night Market

Day 3: Kaohsiung 

Train to Kaoshiung > Formosa Boulevard Station and Ruifeng Night Market

Day 4: Taichung

Train to Taichung > Sinshe area (lavender cottage/farm, castle), CMP Block Museum of Arts, Fengjia Night Market

Day 5: Taipei 

HSR Train to Taipei > Yehliu Geopark, Shifen, Jiufen, Golden Waterfall, Remains of the 13 Levels, Yin Yang Sea, Shilin Night Market

Day 6: Taipei 

Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Wufenpu, Fujin Street, Raohe Night Market

Day 7: Taipei  

Taroko Marble Gorge Full Day Tour (5am to 7pm), Shida Night Market


My Top Picks of all the Things to do in Taiwan

From the entire Taiwan itinerary over 7 days, my favourite experiences/places would definitely be:

1) Jiufen and Shifen

These two places will not fail to charm and captivate, I promise.

shifen-taiwan - Taiwan Itinerary Highlights

2) Sky Lanterns

Being able to have the sky lantern with the boy was hands down my favourite activity this whole trip. It certainly was memorable and special penning down all our wishes for the future together.

taiwan-travel-blog-expedia - Taiwan Itinerary Highlights

taiwan-travel-blog-expedia - Taiwan Itinerary Highlights

3) Nature in Taiwan

Taiwan is a natural beauty, with so much to show. Such as the Yehliu Geopark and the Taroko Gorge.

taiwan-travel-blog-expedia - Taiwan Itinerary Highlights

4) Cafe and Cake

The cafe at Fujin Street is also one of my favourites. I’ll definitely visit it again the next time I’m in Taipei, and have that delightfully beautiful honey egg cake in this flower wonderland.

taiwan-travel-blog-expedia - Taiwan Itinerary Highlights

And since we’re on the topic of food, but of course! What is Taiwan without its glorious food/night markets yes?

5) Best Taiwan Night Market

Of course, night markets are going to be on everyone’s Taiwan itinerary. But which one is the best?

My favourite night markets for food were Raohe Night Market in Taipei (this one’s a clear winner btw), Fengjia Night Market, Dadong and Ruifeng Night Market (because these are the only two markets that has the Angel Chicken Cutlet, Ruifeng’s tastes just a little better).

Angel Chicken Cutlet, Taiwan night market - Taiwan Itinerary HighlightsOctopus, Taipei night market - Taiwan Itinerary Highlightstaiwan-travel-blog-expediataiwan-travel-blog-expedia

6) Shopping in Taiwan

Shopping wise, I’d recommend Raohe, Shida and Fengjia Night Market. My fashion loots were from these three markets.

And if you’re gonna ask me which night market to me is the best, overall? I would say it’s Raohe, without any hesitation!

Raohe Taiwan Night Market - Taiwan Itinerary Highlights


Thank you Expedia for letting me experience Taiwan again! :)



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  1. Ronny Halim
    September 27, 2016 at 2:12 am — Reply

    Hi Shanice, thanks for the wonderful sharing, it’s very informative. I’ve never been to Taiwan, but after reading your blog, it’s as if I’ve been there! I will go there in November with my wife for 13 days (probably too long), and I’d like to based on your itinerary to start my own. Any suggestions which places we should extend from your itinerary or other places we should visit that you didn’t have time to explore? I think Kaoshiung has nothing interesting and I am considering to skip it and spend more time at other places. Appreciate your advise. My email is ronnyhalim@gmail.com. Thanks!

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