Food and Forts in Taiwan: Tainan & Kaohsiung

Expedia sent Singapore blogger Shanice Koh to explore the wonderful Taiwan. In this episode, Shanice journeys through Tainan and Kaohsiung, uncovering fun experiences and attractions, from the old to the new.

1. Tainan


Waiting for the bus to our first stop – Anping Fort. (Take buses 88 or 99)


First Stop: Anping Fort


Second stop: Anping Treehouse

The definition of treehouse in this case literally refers to a tree that grew into part of the house.


Third stop: Anping Old Street


This house really looks like something out of a Chinese period TV series/movie.


Tried GuanCaiBan or Coffin Bread for the first time and I really liked it. It tasted very homely because of the soupy/broth-like taste. Very comforting. And the crispy, fragrant bread exterior is the perfect companion.


This shrimp rolls are a must eat too!


This is Taiwan’s version of an oyster omelette. I think I much prefer Singapore’s version.


Then we chilled at a nearby cafe because 1) we’re done with exploring Anping Old Street and 2) The weather was ridiculously scorching. So we wanted to chill and recharge before conquering Dadong Night Market!


Dadong Night Market


dadong-taiwantaiwan-street-foodchicken-cutlet taiwan-street-food


To describe it with the word “amazing” may actually be an understatement, so I thought that it was very aptly named. So perhaps, it tasted “divine” would make a more fitting description.


We were obviously thanking the heavens (hahaha) when we found it again in Kaosiung’s Ruifeng Night Market so I shall leave my thoughts for later.

blogger-taiwan-candy-floosYASSSSS CANDY FLOSS!


What better way to end the night with good, ice cold sorbet, especially in such a warm and humid weather. There was a Haagen Dazs outlet in the mall near the hotel we were staying at heh.

The next morning, we were off to Kaohsiung!


Wondering where to stay in Tainan? Check out my review of the JJ S Hotel Tainan on my blog.


2. Kaohsiung

shanice-kaohsiung-train-stationkaohsiung-taiwan-expediaNope this isn’t the train we’re taking haha. It was a very interesting one though cos I think it’s more of a cargo train? Since there were no seats at all inside.


Pretty pastel-coloured candy floss I got last night at Dadong Night Market!



Starhaus Hotel in Kaohsiung

We checked in at our hotel – Starhaus before exploring Kaohsiung.


Starhaus follows an aquatic theme which explains the aquatic elements you see such as the waves-like beams and ceiling.


I’m so very smitten with this hotel. It’s gorgeous and they do such a terrific job at taking care of their guests and making sure they feel at home!


The Rooms

starhaus-hotel-kaohsiung-blog starhaus-hotel-kaohsiung-blogstarhaus-hotel-kaohsiung-blog


Unique Bathtub


This bathtub is apparently unique only to Starhaus Hotel as it was custom made especially for them.

Do you know that it features a heated back rest so you’d lying against a soothingly warm bathtub instead of an uninvitingly cold surface. You can also change the colour according to your preference.


The Starhaus Suite

We were brought around the hotel to check out the other rooms and my jaw dropped when I entered this suite.



The restaurant! You know why?

Because this restaurant is also a snack bar that is open 24hrs for guests, perfect for someone like me who’s pretty much almost aways hungry/peckish. Lol.


The Restaurant


I quote the lady: “Whatever you can see, you can eat.” YES YES. So these are the things we can see!

You can get them to cut those fruits for you.


I’m a huge tea person so I was very pleased to hear that they’re very particular about the teas they offer to their guests. The flavours are really interesting, and really good too.


And of course, we brought some back up to our room for tea time! You can choose to eat at the dining area or bring it back to your room.

kaohsiung-meal kaohsiung-meal

And since we’re on the topic of food, here’s the breakfast next morning!


Check out Starhaus on Expedia to see the latest room rates and book your own stay in Kaohsiung.


Top Attractions in Kaohsiung

After we had our afternoon tea, the plan was actually to head to Cijin Island. But we had to cancel that because it was raining, which meant we could only head to Formosa Boulevard Station before exploring Ruifeng Night Market.


Formosa Boulevard Station. It’s one of the attractions in Kaohsiung because it’s known for its “Dome of Light”,  the largest glass work in the world, designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. It is 30 metres in diameter and covers an area of 2,180 square metres, made up of 4,500 glass panels.

formosa-kaohsiung-taiwan formosa-kaohsiung-attrractions

And time for the Ruifeng night market!

ruifeng-nightmarket-taiwanruifeng-night-market ruifeng-night-market ruifeng-night-market

AND OKAY BACK TO THE ANGEL CHICKEN CUTLET, that I mentioned earlier in this post. They’re known for their very thick cutlet, but aside from that, it’s also very JUICY, very TENDER and very WELL-MARINATED!


Without a doubt, the best chicken cutlet I’ve ever had, and a winner by a huge huge mile. Every bite plunged my tastebuds into the most delightfully delectable sensory experience. I regret not getting two. It’s that good. It can only be found either at Dadong Night Market in Tainan or Ruifeng Night Market in Kaosiung, so please if you’re in this places, please do yourself and your tastebuds a huge favour; hunt this stall down and try it. You will regret if you don’t.

P.S: For the spiciness level, go for 小辣 (xiao la). It’s the perfect spiciness level to hit the sweet spot of bringing out the flavours perfectly.


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