Not all hotels are accepting staycation guests at the moment and properties need to apply for STB approval before they can take staycation bookings. This FAQ will help you understand why you should only be booking to stay at ‘Staycation Approved’ properties and how to ensure your future stay tick all the right boxes in keeping you and your family safe.

1. What does it mean when a hotel is staycation approved?

Hotels that wished to provide accommodation to guests for the purposes of leisure needed to apply to Singapore Tourism Board (STB) before they could start accepting leisure bookings. STB has laid out a detailed set of criteria, which hotels need to adhere to, followed by an on-site audit. These criteria include (but not limited to) reducing capacity and intermingling, rigorous cleaning and disinfecting regimens and screening guests before entry. Guests are required to wear a mask within the premises, except when they are in selected areas such as their own room or engaging in certain activities such as dining. If you’re looking to book a staycation, you must book at a staycation approved hotel.

The full list of approved hotels can be found here.

2. What does the SG Clean mark mean?

The SG Clean campaign is a Singapore government effort to rally businesses and the public to uphold good sanitation standards and hygiene practices to safeguard public health. Hotels, retail, F&B and tourism establishments that display the SG Clean quality are stating that they have gone through a seven-point checklist, reflecting their commitment and ownership of maintaining high standards of environmental public hygiene at their premises.

The full list of SG Clean certified hotels and tourism establishments can be found here.

3. What is the difference between staycation approved and SG Clean certification? What should I be selecting to book?

The STB has published a list of approved hotels that can resume operations for staycations. The SG Clean certification on the other hand, is an endorsement of higher hygiene standards (in comparison with hotels that don’t have the SG Clean certification). If you’re looking to book a staycation, you must only book to stay at staycation approved hotels.

4. Do staycation-approved hotels have to be certified under the SG Clean mark?

Hotels that have been staycation-approved have met STB guidelines to reduce potential transmission risks and support the Singapore government’s contact tracing efforts.

5. What does it mean for hotels who have gone through the Expedia Group enhanced health and safety check list?

As part of hotel details customers see on our sites health and cleanliness information prominently displayed when it is provided to us by our hotel partners. These include contactless check-in and check-out, hand sanitizer available to guests, enhanced cleaning measures and social distancing plans.

6. What do I have to prepare for a stay at staycation-approved hotel?

To prepare for your staycation, you may wish to take special note of the staggered check-in and check-out timings, health screening and social distancing requirements, ensure that you wear a face mask and practise good hygiene practices. Some hotels may also have new contactless experiences, changed their in-room dining, daily housekeeping and F&B policies, and require you to pre-book slots to use the facilities within their establishment.

For more information on how to travel smart, refer to the Covid-19 travel guide on

For more information on hotel-specific guidelines, visit the hotel’s website.

7. Do I need to wear a mask at all times during my stay at a staycation-approved hotel?

Yes, wearing a face mask within the hotel is mandatory for every individual at all times, except when you are within your hotel room, engaging in strenuous physical exercise, or when you are eating or drinking on the premises.

8. How do I book a slot to use the hotel facilities (e.g. gym, swimming pools, spa)?

Hotel policies may vary on the use and booking of hotel facilities. For more information on hotel-specific guidelines, visit the hotel’s website.

9. Will I be able to request for early/late check in and/or out timings?  

Hotel policies may vary on the request for change of check-in and check-out timings. For more information on hotel-specific guidelines, visit the hotel’s website.

10. How do I request a refund/cancel a booking, should I feel unwell on the date of check-in?

Many bookings on qualify for either free cancellation or change options with no fees up to the applicable date. To check on this, sign-in to your account to view your itinerary.

After you review the cancellation policies that apply to your booking, you may be able to change or cancel your bookings from within your itinerary.

If you don’t have an account, you can use the itinerary or confirmation number in the email that you received when you first booked your trip.

For more information on how to change or cancel your booking, refer to this page.

11. Will guests serving stay-home-notices be using the same facilities (e.g. gym, swimming pools, spa, lifts)?

For details on the measures that hotels have implemented to safeguard the health and safety of leisure guests and guests that are on stay-home-notice, refer to the STB website.

12. Can I use an existing Expedia coupon on staycation deals?

Redeeming coupon(s) from COVID-19 cancellations:

If you qualified and received a COVID-19 related hotel coupon, you would have received an email that explains the details for future redemption. You’ll need an Expedia account to see your coupons. Sign in or create an account with the same email address used to make the original booking. Our vouchers and coupons cannot be redeemed for Pay Later hotel bookings.

Please review the coupon’s complete rules and restrictions to see how it can be used, and how to redeem it.

Redeeming promotional vouchers/coupon(s):

Expedia sometimes offers promotional vouchers through partner or marketing campaigns. Some vouchers are promotional codes that you enter at checkout, while others can be saved to your Expedia account. Our vouchers and coupons cannot be redeemed for Pay Later hotel bookings.

Please review the voucher’s complete rules and restrictions to see how it can be used, and how to redeem it.

13. Can I use my Expedia Rewards points to make a hotel booking redemption?

You may use your Expedia Rewards points toward hotels or things to do, no matter how many points you have. Rewards points cannot be used for Pay Later hotel bookings. Learn more.

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