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Travellers’ Atlas: A Peek at Japan  Where are the best places to visit in Japan? Where to go in Tokyo? Find out in our travellers’ atlas where we show you where to go in Japan for your interests —  be it famous temples, cherry blossom viewing, the best Japanese food or quirky nightlife.

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Where to Stay in Osaka – Neighbourhood Guide

Japan is one of few destinations that perfectly balances the ultramodern with respected tradition, and there’s perhaps no better place to get a good dose of both than Osaka. As Japan’s second largest city after Tokyo, Osaka is celebrated for its wacky character, tranquil parks, and world-renowned food, making it a must-visit stop within the Land of the Rising Sun. You can arrange flights from Singapore to Osaka’s Itami or Kansai International airports. Or make your way to Osaka by bullet train (approx. 2.5 hours) from Tokyo, after flying in via Haneda or Narita airport. Exploring Osaka’s various neighbourhoods isn’t time-consuming nor expensive, thanks to its sprawling railway system. Here’s a guide to help you decide where to stay in Osaka for your style of travel. 1) Namba (Minami) Referred to as Minami (or “South”), Namba makes up the eccentric heart of Osaka and the city’s major entertainment hub. Filled with neon lights hyperactivity, Dotonbori is a shopping and food paradise, with souvenirs like cookies and keychains that can only be found in Osaka, while food market Kuromon Ichiba’s mouth-watering street snacks including takoyaki, okonomiyaki and even blowfish can be enjoyed while walking along the canal. Den Den Town is a one-stop shop for all things electronic and otaku, from video games, manga and anime, while those looking for cutting-edge clothes and digging through specially curated thrift stores will have a ball at the U.S.-inspired Amerikamura. Recommended Hotel: Those looking to stay at the centre of the action will find convenience and an abundance of amenities at the Swissotel Nankai Osaka hotel. Positioned directly above Namba Station, travellers who can’t wait to dive right into shopping and entertainment can drop off their bags at the upmarket hotel before stepping out into the city, while its proximity to the train system also makes it ideal for those who want the utmost ease of getting around Osaka. For lazy days in, local and international tastes are available at the hotel’s numerous restaurants, with the comfort of foreigner-friendly staff. Find hotels in Namba 2) Umeda (Kita) Also known to as KIta (or “North”), the busy downtown district of Umeda has a slick and polished exterior that contrasts the colourful character of Namba. More cosmopolitan than quirky, Osaka’s northern district favours luxury shopping and refined dining experiences, while the architectural wonder of the Umeda Sky Building allows travellers to take in breathtaking views of the city that are perfect for romantic sunsets and photography enthusiasts. Between the towering glass structures, foodies will find restaurants and bars that specialise in upmarket fare and classy cocktail bars within the Kitashinchi nightlife district, while department stores like Hankyu and Daimaru house high-end brands for shoppers who are willing to splurge.  (CC by 2.0 / Kang Min-liu) Recommended Hotel: Reflecting the sophistication of its surroundings, Hotel Vista Premio Dojima provides guests with luxury lodging and premium service. With each room adopting a clean and minimal aesthetic, while catering to business types with convenient workspaces and free WiFi Internet, guests can look …

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