Tokyo: The fascinating land of futuristic technology, Godzilla and lip-smackingly good dining experiences. The city is currently home to 14 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars, making it a top destination for any self-respecting foodie.

If you’re heading to Tokyo and want to sample the local cuisine, consider these highly rated restaurants in Tokyo, Japan.

The Best Tokyo Restaurants


food-divider-1Sukiyabashi Jiro

If you haven’t yet seen the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, you’re missing out on a titillating and visually stunning glimpse into the work of Jiro Ono, now arguably the world’s most famous sushi master. His family-run Tokyo restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro, serves up some of the world’s freshest, most high-quality sushi. With a rating of 3 Michelin stars, Jiro is simply the best when it comes to this authentic Japanese-style meal.

When dining at Jiro, you’ll be limited to the Chef’s choice of dishes. But place your taste buds’ trust in Jiro — you won’t be disappointed.

jiro-sushi-restaurantCC 2.0 / City Foodsters



Hamadaya is next on the list of the very best Tokyo restaurants. This authentic Japanese restaurant serves up traditional cuisine delivered to your table by women dressed in full geisha ensembles. The dishes here are arranged and served in beautiful formation, imbuing the dining experience with elegance as well as flavour.

While Hamadaya’s menu is subject to change, you’ll be getting only the finest quality of food when you dine here. All of Hamadaya’s ingredients are carefully selected on a seasonal basis, making your dining experience all the more local.


Argento Aso

This Italian restaurant offers an incredible menu to rival any cuisine you might find in Italy itself. Headed up by Executive Chef Tatsuji Aso, the menu at Argento Aso Tokyo boasts flavourful, colorful fare that would turn the head of any food lover.

Choose between fixed dinner menus that include mouthwatering dishes such as sauteed chicken, vegetable gazpacho, foie gras, truffle and winter melon pasta, caviar cappellini, sauteed lobster, and eggplant and bitter melon spaghetti.

argento-aso-tokyo-restaurantCC 2.o / Janine Cheung


Sant Pau

Offering Mediterranean-style cuisine, Sant Pau is another can’t-miss location for foodies in Tokyo. Head Chef Carme Ruscalleda was born and raised in Catalonia, Spain, and has brought her European style all the way to Tokyo. Sant Pau has earned two Michelin stars, and offers a wine list almost as impressive as its menu.

Start off your meal with the Iberian jamon, mackerel, squid or miso with foie gras. As you move on to your main dish, try the Japanese beef, guineafowl and European lobster, boneless stuffed pigeon or Iberian pork.

The truth is, you really can’t make a bad menu choice at any of these restaurants. From Italian to Spanish, all types of world cuisines come together in the delicious restaurant scene of Tokyo, Japan.


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 Feature Image: Courtesy of JNTO