I walk out the railway station and find myself surrounded by the hustle and bustle that is called Shenzen. I feel exactly the same as the day I first walked out of the airport in Delhi. Lost. Far from home. I look around the street signs and realise that no matter how much I’ve practised Chinese in the past few months, I still don’t understand a word. I take a deep breath, slip my passport back in my bag and get on a taxi to head to the spa.


You don’t take a taxi to get to the spa. You purchase your spa ticket already from the train station, which includes a ride back and forth! This step ensures your relaxing day in this crazy city, though the train station itself is a bit of a jungle.

“Huángshì Jiàqi”, said I to the taxi driver.

At least my Chinese pronunciation was good enough to eventually get me to where I was going; Queen Spa.


The Perfect Day Trip from Hong Kong & How to Get There

Shenzhen is one of the most built-up cities in the world with a population of over 15 million people. The busy Special Economic Zone of China is one of the country’s most important financial centres.

Though little visited by international tourists, there are direct flights from Singapore to Shenzhen due to the city being a major business hub. The best way to enjoy Shenzhen is to make a day / weekend trip from Hong Kong – especially as the hotels here are just a fraction of the normal price! From Hong Kong, you can easily get to Shenzhen with the MTR and get off at Lo Wu station, which will take you to the border.

The main reason for touristing around Shenzhen used to be its theme parks, such as Window of The World, Minsk World and Sea World. Nowadays the city offers more and more delicious dining options, fun nights out and shopping.

But like I said, Shenzhen is the perfect spa getaway for a day or two.  The spas here may not be what you are used to back home, so let me share with you my experiences.


Queen Spa 

There are a few spas to choose from, but Queen Spa is best known and has English speaking staff too! Other spas worth the visit in Shenzhen are : Zense SPALanguifang Spa & Quan Spa.

Queen Spa is a massive spa complex with seven floors of nothing but relaxing entertainment. You could spend days here, and some people actually do as the spa is open for 24 hours around the year!

If you haven’t bought your ticket to Queen Spa from the train station, you can still purchase it when you get to the spa. There will be several options and I can ensure you that it will make you feel confused at first.

The entry to the spa is around 15 SGD, but if the treatments you purchase exceed 30 SGD, you don’t need to pay the entrance! I got 3 massages of over 45 minutes and paid 35 SGD and saved the entrance fee! On top of that it is advised to leave tip for the masseuse, which you then sign on a paper they give you and pay as you leave the spa!

You will also need to pay a 10% service charge! In total, I spent about 50 SGD on 3 massages and a finger-licking-good fruit buffet! I would call that a fantastic bargain!

When you first enter, you will be asked to shower and dress in a comfy pyjama-like outfit. Then you are free to jump in to the pool or go to the relaxation area where you have your personal tv, welcome drink, fruit and a massage menu to order from!


Where to stay?

If you wish to spend the night in Shenzhen, there are many hotels to choose from. I would definitely recommend staying either at the Shangri-La or Grand Hyatt!

Pros & Cons of Queen Spa

+ Value for money

+ Perfect way to relax

+ Fruit buffet

– Confusing at first

– Some customers smoke at the relaxation area

– They will try to sell you additional items


Queen Spa:

B1-4/F, Jinse Duhui,
Chunfeng Road, Luohu District,
Shenzhen, China
Phone: +86 755 8215-8822
Opening hours: 24h


Want to know more about Shenzhen? Download the attached PDF guide to get more out of your next trip!