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A shopping weekend in Bangkok, yoga spa retreat in Bali, getting luxury handbags in Paris and Milan, unique handicrafts from a village? Yes, please! And when your feet are tired from all that retail therapy, it’s the perfect time for a massage and spa.

On your travels around the world, remember to leave some room in your suitcase for all the beautiful things we’ll uncover here. From souvenirs, to jewellery and a wardrobe collection with fashion from around the world. We’re exploring the shopping malls and street markets from KL to Kazakhstan.  OK maybe not Kazakhstan, but like, far away… Here’s where to shop and what to buy on your holidays outside Singapore.

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Vietnam Tailors: Getting Clothes Made with the Amazing Tailors in Hoi An

Standing out from the rest of Asia, shopping in Vietnam is not just about the cheap night markets. The highlight really is the stream of talented tailors in Vietnam, who have gotten themselves a reputation for making high quality bespoke clothing at a fraction of Singapore prices. The best tailors in Hoi An are top notch, so that’s …

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Cool & Handy Travel Accessories You Can Order Online to Your Door

After you’ve booked your trip, shopping around for all the travel stuff you need can be fun. Or… it can be a headache. It’s not that much fun hunting for the travel essentials like luggage locks and neck pillows, amiright? Armchair shoppers will be happy to know you can hunt for many of your travel accessories online and have …

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Bargain Hunters Guide to Shopping in Johor Bahru

Kuala Lumpur may be the financial centre of Malaysia, but the city of Johor Bahru is poised to become the shopping capital. At least four megamalls have opened in Johor Bahru during the past six years, with hundreds of thousands of shoppers flocking to their stores every month. The variety of products one can expect from these malls make them worth a visit, but best …

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Celebrity Airport Style: There’s an Actual Award for it! See Who Won

Flipping through the smorgasbord of fashion blogs and online sartorial editorials, there’s scarcely a shortage of images of celebrities all dolled up at the airport. Snaps of the jet=lagged  jet-fresh singers and models make their rounds on the internet and spring wealths of fashion conversation, feeding our abyssal thirst for the newest and the latest. And we are …

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