Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Changi Airport has turned itself into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, complete with snowy rooftops and Christmas trees. You don’t have to run through the brick wall underneath the Platform 9 ¾ sign and hop onto the Hogwarts Express to enter the magical world of Harry Potter. The best part? You don’t even have to hop on a plane to London to experience the magic, it’s right here in Singapore — like a holiday before your holiday!

As Potterheads ourselves, we’re ridiculous excited about Christmas + Magic + Winter all rolled in one. Count on Harry to cast this big a spell!

Here’s a quick rundown of the activities:

Ready for all this magic?!



16 NOV 2018 — MID-FEB 2019

Hogsmeade Village,  Changi T3

Start your adventure in the Wizarding World by taking tons of photos with the Hogwarts Express at the Hogsmeade Village!

Hang out at Zonko’s Joke Shop, Fred and George Weasley’s favourite spot, to get the wildest jokes and tricks of Hogwarts. Or perhaps some tea at Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop?

You can also drop by Honeydukes for some sweets or peek into the Owl Post to see the magnificent shelves full of mail waiting to be sent.

Don’t miss out the classic magical paintings hung on the Hogwarts School walls. Here’s a tip: head there on weekends at 3 pm and 5 pm for a chance to snap a moving photo with the Fat Lady.

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Hogsmeade Village is during the snow and light shows to experience Hogsmeade Village brimming with colours and snowflakes.

To experience the activities at Hogsmeade Village, you have to follow these steps:

1. Take photos of yourself at any 3 of the event set-ups (Newt’s Menagerie, Whomping WIllow, Hogsmeade Village, Grand Staircase, and Diagon Alley)

2. Post all the 3 photos separately on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ChangiWizardingWorld

3. Show your posts as well as the iChangi app on your phone (or your Changi Rewards card) to the crew at the Diagon Alley setup (Terminal 3 Departure Hall) to redeem the fun activity experience

Diagon Alley, Changi T3

Walk down the iconic Diagon Alley at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and be ready to be transported to the scenes of Harry Potter choosing his wands and buying his school supplies for the first time.

Go all out and head to Madam Malkin’s Robes for all Occasions to get your Hogwarts school uniforms and robes. Take a GIF photo of yourself in front of the magical mirror to keep your magical moment alive forever!

Wizarding school is not complete without learning how to cast some of its famous spells. Wave your wand at the Wand Challenge to see how many correct spells you can cast. Remember, it’s wingardium leviOsa, not leviosAH!

If you are up to something more challenging like playing a few rounds of Quidditch, the Quaffle Toss is the place to go. Get a hands-on experience riding on a broomstick and throw Quaffle balls into a range of hoops to score some points.

The cute giant Niffler is also making its appearance in at Terminal 3 with its Niffler Challenge Game. Grab your buddy and spin the wheel for gold coins to start the game. You have to stack the correct number of shiny coins on Niffler, and the winner is the first person whose coins topple over. Rest assured, Niffler won’t snatch them away!

Newt’s Menagerie, Changi T1

Located at Terminal 1 Transit Hall, Newt Scamander’s Menagerie is no stranger to those who follow the prequels (while some may argue they’re neither prequels nor sequels) to the Harry Potter series: Fantastic Beasts. Follow the shiny objects to discover Newt’s magical wild beasts and to take Insta-worthy shots with them!

Whomping Willow, Changi T2

The 2D replica of the magical Whomping Willow is another spot Harry Potter fans can’t miss!

Although it may not have the secret underground passage to the Shrieking Shack, the Whomping Willow at Changi Airport comes with Ron’s car stuck in the branches (remember when Ron drove the flying car and crashed the Whomping Willow at The Chamber of Secrets?)

The humongous tree makes a great spot for a selfie with your friends and families!

So, what else are you waiting for?!  It’s time to get ready for your first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Swish your wand, cast your spells, and experience the magical winter at Changi Airport.