Living in the Netherlands for 6 months has been an unforgettable experience. I have gotten the opportunity to visit the places, do the things and eat way more food than I would have as a tourist. So I have some tips up my sleeve to point you toward the best Amsterdam food, so you know where to go when you’re in the capital as a visitor, short on time and hungry for a slice of Amsterdam’s food scene.

Here’s a list of must-try Dutch food during your Amsterdam holidays.

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The Best Amsterdam Food – Die Die Must Try

Stroopwafel and a coffee in Amsterdam


You can’t visit the Netherlands without eating this tasty treat – Stroopwafels. Stroll through any market in Amsterdam and you will smell the aroma of these delicious snacks long before you see it.

One of the confectionaries that sells the best stroopwafels is Lanskroon. Baked with love and care, their Stroopwafels are famed for their freshness and crispy wafers. The best way to eat it is to put the round disc on top of your mug of tea or coffee to let the steam soften it for a minute or two. It’s especially comforting when the Amsterdam weather takes a turn. Let the thin layer of caramel melt in your mouth when the cookie is warmed up and I am sure your taste buds will cry for more.

Duth Fries in Amsterdam

Dutch Fries

The Dutch love their fries! What makes Dutch fries so different from other countries’ variations? The answer may be surprising to some because it is so simple – the toppings and sauces.

Head to Grizzl for some freshly-made fries topped with luscious mayonnaise. Well-known for their use of sustainable ingredients, their potatoes are harvested right from their own backyard. They are freshly washed and scrubbed before frying with their skin intact to give you that extra vitamin boost.

Bitterballen at Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam Image credit / Vegan Junk Food Bar


Bitterballen is everyone’s favourite Dutch-based snack! It typically contains beef or veal. However, as we venture into the new food era, bitterballen is given a new vegan identity and it is still as tasty!

Vegan Junk Food Bar is an entirely plant-based vegan restaurant that serves delicious bitterballen made from black beans drizzled in mustard or sweet chilli sauce. The creativity infused into the dishes proves that a vegan or vegetarian diet is not restrictive. What’s better than eating delicious food with a conscience?

All you can eat spare ribs at Satellite Sportscafé, Amsterdam

Spare Ribs


Felt like that deserved a shout. I’ve never heard of freeflow ribs anywhere else outside of this winner in the Amsterdam food scene. Visit the Satellite Sportscafé to experience all you can eat spare ribs for just 10 Euros!

This restaurant makes a meat lover’s dream comes true with its free flow of ribs, fries and salad. The portion is huge and you can probably eat your lunch and dinner fill at this cosy place.

Close up of a Tompouce pastry from Amsterdam
Image credit / Patisserie Holtkamp


Tompouce is an iconic pastry in the Netherlands. This Dutch treat is a two-layered rectangular puff pastry filled with sweet pastry cream. Pink or white icing is usually layered on top to make it looks dainty.

Well-known for its delectable pastries, Patisserie Holtkamp is a household name in Amsterdam. As it has been operating since 1928, the quality and taste of its pastries has undergone many generations of testing and tweaking to become the best of the best in today’s world. A bite into Holtkamp’s tompouce will find you asking for more!

Herring from Stubbe’s Harring in Amsterdam


Next on the list of the must-try Amsterdam food is something you can find on almost every street corner in the capital. Herring! Herring is a salted fish that has become a true Dutch delicacy over the years. If you want to eat like the locals, herring is the best food to try in Amsterdam.

Stubbe’s Harring is probably the most famous spot in town to try the freshest herring. The strong taste of herring may sometimes be overwhelming but when it is served in bite-sized pieces along with finely diced onions and pickles, this delicacy tastes superb. If you love sashimi, you will love this too.

Sampurna restaurant in Amsterdam
Image credit / Sampurna

Indonesian Rijstaffel

Considering its history, Dutch food is very much influenced by Indonesian culture. You will never fail to find Indonesian restaurants serving Rijstaffel across the city on your tour.

Rijstaffel is a by-product of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. It is an elaborate feast with the ‘rice table’ filled with an extensive selection of Indonesian dishes.

Located right in the heart of Amsterdam, Sampurna is a halal Indonesian cuisine diner that serves authentic Indonesian cooking. You can either choose from its wide selection of Rijastaffel menu or ala carte dishes. Given its strategic location and a house full of tourists, the food here is still good and reasonably priced.

Dutch breakfast at DoubleTree by Hilton hotel

Dutch Breakfast

The Dutch take their breakfast very seriously and they favour wholesome breakfast more than anyone else.

A lot of Amsterdam hotels put on a very impressive spread to help you start the day. One example is the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, which serves a scrumptious breakfast buffet with our all-time favourite eggs benedict included.

Sunday Bluespoon at Andaz Hotel also has a great brunch buffet which allows you to build your own breakfast from a huge brunch bar. Opt for a champagne brunch if you want to add a bit of sizzle to your breakfast.

Breakfast buffet at DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel 

Believe me, though there is a lot of food to try in Amsterdam, these 8 local delicacies are all must-try dishes. Eet smakelijk!

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