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Our very own Senior Product Manager, Meredith Chan, shares her amazing experience dining at Andre Singapore. Here are her 5 Reasons Why it was for her, a heavenly gastronomical experience. 

Our yearly tradition where we celebrate our glorious years of just existing, just being us – starts with an outrageous indulgent suggestion that turns into a night of fine-art-dining.

Restaurant Andre was the epitome for me when it comes to culinary, gastronomical adventures. Every plate was an art piece served with creativity and sophistication. Executed in such finesse that left me pretty much speechless. Definitely opened my eyes to food and how it can be imagined at such a level. *Cue standing ovation*


Charmian, Mel and me

1) Creative philosophy

Chef anchored the whole course of 14 (from pre starters to post desserts – i know make some sense of it please) based on Octaphilosophy. If you didn’t know, chef Andre is actually Chinese. But his artistry is very much anchored French style.

The number of courses – 8 – is itself in line with Chinese tradition. Each of the courses had a theme that related back to the chef’s growing up years. (Either that or the marketing was just very convincing) I thought it was absolutely brilliant.


Pre-starters brought on lots of Ooohs and Aaahs


2) Pairing of flavours

There were moments where you’ll think – “huh” what did the manager just say? Chocolate and…garlic??

Yes Chocolate and Garlic. And it was completely addictive. I spent most of my time trying to solve the puzzle of what was in it.

Also the use of truffles (white and black) was pretty generous. But not overused.

One of the most memorable course for me was a Smoked Cauliflower, topped with paprika and laid ontop of freeze dried sweet corn and white truffle shavings. It also had feta cheese somewhere in the cauliflower. I didn’t know what was happening in my mouth, but I’m not complaining!


Incredible ‘Unique’ course by Chef Andre


Fish and chips pre-starter on a bed of chocolate and garlic soil


3) Textures

There was definitely a flaunting of his talent (well if I were him, I would flaunt it too!) and the level of creativity was just applause worthy. The play on textures was amazing for me. We were served a plate of charcoal topped with Charcoal bread that you can dip into tomato and squid dip. This was probably Charmain’s favorite.

And another texture winner for me would be “Salt” course. It starts with an Oyster pate, topped with Apple spinach jelly and a “Sea” garden was decorated on it. This one was accompanied by some salt water foam which came from the Oysters. HELLO! Sheer brilliance here.

At this point, I would say, Chef Andre was like Chopin to me. Madly talented and made food so beautiful.


Salt by Chef Andre

4) Freshness

Seafood quality was really good. We had an interesting mixture of seafood so far and there were some bets where it’s sashimi pieces paired with eggplant that was blanched (i think) – this was Mel’s favorite. And Oysters pate is definitely something that you can put together if without real good quality produce. There was a course where Chef Andre paid homage to his suppliers and I thought that was really sweet. crab-wonton-chef-andre

Crab wonton with leek water and snow pear shavings, perfect starter


‘Artisan’ course where Chef paid homage to his suppliers

5) Service and Fun

The dinner was definitely made complete with the staff doing a great job at entertaining and making us feel welcome to the place (well given the bill, they had better!) We celebrated our birthdays and also Mel’s and we also had a complimentary cake from the staff – not just your usual sponge but it was citrus filled glazed like an opera cake with shiny chocolate. The service staff was prompt, knowledgeable (i think) although given the same script for each and every table. We were not complaining.

Chef didn’t come out to say hi and answer questions which kinda left me hanging a little, but I suspect he didn’t want to give away any culinary secrets.

Desserts were also fun to have and there was an attempt to go local – with Kaya toast macaroons. (which gives me some motivation to try to make it). And churros which was definitely welcomed. mel-turns-21

Mel turning 21!


Desserts were a mixture of everything!


I say 5 stars! 10/10! Definite encore required! (When I’ve saved up enough money that is…) Trying to beat this for next year is definitely going to be a challenge. But till then, we walk away very happy, satisfied and bursting at our laces.. girls-andre-restaurant

We are happy gluttons :)

Andre is located at

41 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089855
+65 6534 8880

Opening Hours
Lunch: Wednesday & Friday only / $128++
Dinner: Tuesday – Sunday / $298++
Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays

For more info: http://restaurantandre.com/