Beach destinations are some of the best places to just sit back, relax, and watch your worries float away with the waves. Lucky for you, Southeast Asia is home to several of the most beautiful beaches that Mother Nature has to offer.

If you’re on the lookout for your next weekend getaway, why not consider one of the best beach destinations in the list below?

Stunning Beach Destinations For Your Weekend Getaway

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1) Lombok, Indonesia

Average travel time from Singapore: 2 h 40 min

What’s shiok: Beautiful untouched beaches, amazing diving and snorkeling experiences, laid-back island vibes, ancient religious temples


Best beaches in Lombok:

Mawun Beach

For those looking to escape the crowds, Mawun Beach is the perfect recluse as it’s tucked away between lofty hills. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places to buy food and drink so it’s best to bring your own food with you here.

Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is easily Lombok’s most picturesque beach with crystal blue waters and fine white sand comparable to the Caribbean. There are a number of beach vendors that roam here selling beach accessories, such as sarongs and other local products.

Senggigi Beach

This beach is located in the touristy town of Senggigi. Here, you’ll find several beach hotels, upscale restaurants, as well as local street food vendors.


While you’re there:

Aside from beautiful beaches, Lombok also offers visitors a peek into their rich history in the form of ancient Hindu temples such as Pura Meru, Pura Lingsar, and the oceanside temple of Batu Bolong. You can also go on a guided tour to the second highest volcano in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani.

sate-lombokSate / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Franklin Heijnen

Must-eats in Lombok:

Lombok has several delicious food choices on offer but we highly recommend the plecing kangkung (spicy water spinach dish), ayam taliwang (spicy grilled native chicken), and sate bulayak (grilled beef with rice cake).

Best areas to stay in Lombok:


Senggigi is considered the entryway to Lombok and is the busiest area. Here, you’ll find a number of hotels, supermarkets, money changers, and ATMs.


Kuta is great for tourists looking to stay near the best beaches and enjoy stunning views.

Gili Islands

The Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno) are also great places to stay for families and couples with a nice selection of restaurants and hotels.

2) Da Nang, Vietnam

Average travel time from Singapore: 2 h 45 min

What’s shiok: Lush mountains, tranquil beach destinations, national parks, vibrant nightlife, affordable accommodations


Best beaches in Da Nang:

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is located in southern Da Nang and is usually pretty deserted. It’s clean, peaceful, and you can enjoy beach activities like volleyball.

Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach also offers clear waters and mild waves year-round. You can also enjoy local seafood delicacies in the nearby restaurants or marvel at the Buddhist sanctuaries and temples.

Bac My An Beach

This beach retreat is considered one of Da Nang’s luxury beaches and is teeming with resorts and spas catering to the high-rollers.


While you’re there:

Head on over to Han Market and Con Market where you’ll find vendors selling an array of handicrafts, accessories, and clothes at affordable prices. Da Nang also has an abundance of nightclubs and rooftop bars where you can dance the night away.

Banh xeo / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / Su-Lin

Must-eats in Da Nang:

Vietnam is known for their exquisite soup dishes and, as such, we highly recommend sampling Da Nang’s version of bun cha ca (fish ball noodle soup) and mi quang (rice noodles in beef broth). For a snack, you can grab a quick bite of banh xeo (sizzling pancake).

Best areas to stay in Da Nang:

My Khe Beach

The area along My Khe Beach offers up a lot of hotel accommodations, luxury resorts with beach access, restaurants, cafes, and bars.


For first-timers, it’s recommended to stay in the city centre or downtown Da Nang. This is the business and administrative centre of the city and provides a nice selection of hotels, entertainment venues, local street food, and is close to many popular Vietnam attractions.

Bac My An

If you want to get away from the city and the crowds, Bac My An Beach is a good area to escape to. It has a more laid-back vibe while still offering access to the city’s busier areas.

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3) Palawan, Philippines

Average travel time from Singapore: 5 h via Manila

What’s shiok: Stunning beaches, amazing biodiversity, cliff diving opportunities, natural wonders, an abundance of outdoor activities


Best beaches in Palawan:

Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach is considered the most beautiful beach destination in the city of El Nido and is a relatively untouched area as evidenced by its few food stalls and very basic accommodations.

Nagtabon Beach

Nagtabon Beach reigns supreme as Puerto Princesa’s most stunning beach with palm trees, clear waters, and fine white sand.

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is another popular beach tucked away in between two huge rock formations on Matinloc Island, El Nido. Because it’s so secluded, there aren’t many things to do at Hidden Beach other than unwind, go snorkelling, or swimming.


While you’re there:

Head on over to Palawan’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park where you can go ziplining, explore the underground river, and relax at Sabang Beach. Alternatively, thrill-seekers can hike up Mount Mantalingahan which is the highest point in Palawan.

Chicken inasal / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Ted Barrera

Must-eats in Palawan:

Palawan offers its many visitors delicious — albeit a little exotic — dishes! If you’re open to trying out exotic food, have a taste of tamilok (woodworm appetiser) and crocodile sisig (sizzling crocodile with mixed spices). Otherwise, you can settle for a more conservative meal of chicken inasal (grilled chicken with rice).

Best areas to stay in Palawan:

  • Puerto Princesa – Puerto Princesa is the heart of Palawan and offers a lot of hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping centres.
  • El Nido – Beach bums can head straight to El Nido where you can lounge by a beach, go dolphin watching, and more.
  • Coron – Coron is another good place to get some R & R with a wide selection of entertainment venues, resorts, and restaurants.

4) Tioman Island, Malaysia

Average travel time from Singapore: 3 h 30 min flight + 1 h 30 min ferry ride

What’s shiok: Laid-back island vibes, secluded beaches, affordable and delicious food, breathtaking landscape views

View from Tioman Island / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / Sean Chaffey

Best beaches in Tioman Island:

Salang Beach

Located on the southern tip of the island, Salang Beach is a popular Malaysia beach to go snorkelling. There are also a lot of restaurants, resorts, and markets nearby.

Juara Beach

Located in Juara Village, Juara Beach offers a nice view of a nearby hill as well as a secluded lagoon where you can soak up the sun.

Monkey Beach

A unique beach on Tioman Island is Monkey Beach where you can enjoy some diving classes in the shallow waters or check into one of the nearby resorts.


While you’re there:

Go sightseeing in Tekek Village and Genting Village where you can interact with locals and enjoy scenic views of the island. For a more exhilarating experience, hike up to Asah Waterfall located in Mukut Village and make unforgettable memories in the pristine rainforests.

roti-canai-tioman-islandRoti canai / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / Su-Lin

Must-eats in Tioman Island:

There aren’t many dishes that are native to Tioman Island, but there is an abundance of local Malaysian favourites such as nasi goreng (stir-fried rice), roti canai (flatbread served with curry sauce), and tom yum (spicy-sour soup).

Best areas to stay in Tioman Island:

Air Batang

Air Batang is the ideal place for backpackers on a budget as it offers a wide selection of affordable hotels and beachside bars.

Tekek Village

Tekek is Tioman Island’s main village but has very few hotels available. It’s where the local airport is located and has a number of roadside coffee shops.

Juara Village

For families and couples, Juara Village is the perfect place for beach escapes because it has a lot of hotels available and is relatively safer compared to other areas on the island.

5) Bali, Indonesia

Average travel time from Singapore: 2 h 40 min

What’s shiok: Amazing beaches, historic temples, cheap food, private villas, vibrant nightlife, yoga retreats


Best beaches in Bali:

Kuta Beach

This beach is one of the most popular beaches and is where most tourists go to surf. There are several hotel accommodations in the area as well as restaurants, markets, and nightclubs, making it a great place to be on the beach at night.

Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay is great for foodies looking to sample the freshest seafood while enjoying the sunset on the beach.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach is a tranquil and pristine beach that families and children will thoroughly enjoy. You can play some watersports as well as gobble up a sumptuous meal in one of the many family-friendly restaurants.


While you’re there:

Take the kids on a fun water-filled day at Waterbom Bali where you’ll find a lot of rides and attractions. You can also go horse riding along Canggu Beach whilst taking in the sunset view.

Pork Sate / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 / Daniel Roy

Must-eats in Bali:

Bali features a lot of upscale restaurants offering food from different countries, but if you’re visiting to get a taste of the local dishes, we highly recommend the bebek betutu (steamed or roasted duck served with rice and spices), gado-gado (traditional salad with peanut sauce), and sate (street food BBQ dipped in a sauce of your choice).

Best areas to stay in Bali:


If you’re looking for a more luxurious area, book a room in one of the many resorts in upscale Seminyak. The island’s best restaurants and clubs are located in Seminyak.


If you’re looking for a more laid-back and less crowded area, head straight to the small village of Ubud where you’ll find retreats, museums, and beautiful natural landscapes.


If you’re on a budget and don’t mind the crowds, stay in Kuta where you’ll find a lot of affordable hostels and places to eat.

6) Koh Samui, Thailand

Average travel time from Singapore: 1 h 45 min

What’s shiok: Breathtaking beaches, jungle trekking, fun ladyboy shows, ancient Buddhist temples, nightlife


Best beaches in Koh Samui:

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is a quick 20-minute drive from the airport and easily Koh Samui’s busiest beach. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is also a popular tourist location but not as busy or as crowded as Chaweng Beach. There are a lot of places to eat and drink.

Bo Phut Beach

This one is relatively secluded and offers fewer bars and restaurants compared to the other two beaches. You can also hop on a boat tour to Angthong Marine Park there!


While you’re there:

Thailand is known for its incredibly stunning ladyboys so if you’re into that kind of thing, we highly recommend attending any of the ladyboy shows held at Chaweng Beach. For souvenir shopping, head on over to the capital town of Nathon where you’ll find affordable shops.

Must-eats in Koh Samui:

Thailand is home to some of the world’s most flavourful dishes, some of which you’ll find in Koh Samui! We highly recommend the kway tiao (local noodle soup with beef, chicken, or pork broth), khao mok kai (spicy curry chicken rice), and down all of it with a street cocktail served in a plastic cup!

Best areas to stay in Koh Samui:


The fisherman’s village of Bophut is an ideal location for families and tourists looking to get away from the busier areas of Koh Samui. There are a number of hotels available, as well as markets, heritage sites, and eateries.


If you’re a backpacker on a budget, you’ll want to stay in Maenam where you can rent affordable bungalows as well as dine at affordable hole-in-the-wall eateries.


If you want to go where all the action is, then Chaweng is the place to be. Known as Koh Samui’s main hub, it’s where you’ll find the best nightclubs, resorts, and restaurants.

7) Nha Trang, Vietnam

Average travel time from Singapore: 5 h 5 min via Ho Chi Minh

What’s shiok: Great coastal resorts, secluded beaches, scuba diving sites, Buddhist temples, authentic Vietnamese food


Best beaches in Nha Trang:

Tran Phu Beach

Head on over to Tran Phu Beach located in the heart of Nha Trang where you’ll find a wonderful beachside selection of mid-range to high-end resorts, hostels, shops, and restaurants.

Nhu Tien Beach

Nhu Tien Beach is a beautiful stretch of fine, white sand with clear blue waters and palm trees. It is privately-owned by Diamond Bay Resort & Spa.

Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach is more popular among the backpacking crowds as it offers affordable food and accommodation. You can go trekking in the jungle where you’ll likely spot wild monkeys, eagles, and slow loris.


While you’re there:

Relax in an all-natural mud bath which is offered by several spa establishments around Nha Trang. The mud used is mineral-rich and helps remove dead skin cells, relieve fatigue, and strengthen bones. You might also want to join a bicycle tour where you get to enjoy Nha Trang’s beautiful countryside.

Herring salad / CC BY 2.0 / Kate C Hopkins

Must-eats in Nha Trang:

Nha Trang offers some exquisite Vietnamese cuisine and the must-eat dishes we highly recommend are go ca mai (deep herring salad), nem nuong (grilled sausage), and bun sua (jellyfish noodles).

Best areas to stay in Nha Trang:

Tran Phu Beach

Tran Phu is a popular tourist base where you’ll find several hotel accommodations, restaurants, bars, and easy access to anywhere else in the city.

Nha Trang City

For those looking for an affordable place to stay, Nha Trang City offers a lot of affordable hotels and food choices.

Nha Trang Bay & Islands

This area is ideal for families because it’s safer and more peaceful with a lot of child-friendly attractions nearby.